Living With Teens Without Losing Your Mind (BEUHS364)

Workshop | April 26 | 12:10-1:30 p.m. | Tang Center, University Health Services, Section Club

 Julie Johnson, Parent Educator, Hand in Hand Parenting

 Work/Life Program

Now that they’re a teenager, you need a whole new set of instructions:
· It’s hard to know how to stay close to them when they’re pushing you away.
· You’re triggered by everything they say—especially that rude, snarky talk—but somewhere deep down inside you still love them.
· You have little patience for their irritability and moodiness, but you know you have to be the loving adult.
· You’re at a loss as to what to do when they shut down and won’t open up, and you’re dying to meet the person they’re becoming and hear how they think about the world.
You love your teenager, but parenting one can be isolating and sometimes you feel like you need a new road map. In this workshop, you’ll discover a strategy to connect with them that provides the attention and space they need so you can hear what’s important to them and give support to their struggles. You’ll understand why maintaining a sense of playfulness is key and how it can help them be more cooperative with less back talk. You’ll walk away with a powerful tool to reduce the frustration of parenting and help you keep your anger, frustration, and worries at bay. In “Living with Teens Without Losing Your Mind”, you’ll discover the key to building a close relationship with your teen, so you can remember what you love about them—even on the hard days!, 510-642-7883