Demographics, Persistence, and Climate for UC Berkeley STEM Undergraduates 

Presentation | October 12 | 12-1:30 p.m. | 337 Cory Hall

 Andrew Eppig, Institutional Research Analyst, Div. of Equity and Inclusion

 Coalition for Education and Outreach (CEO)

STEM departments are a microcosm of broader campus patterns for undergraduate representation, persistence, and climate at Berkeley.  Students from marginalized communities, including women, underrepresented minorities, students with disabilities, and students from low socioeconomic backgrounds are deeply underrepresented in STEM departments compared to the rest of campus.  Their underrepresentation begins when they arrive at Berkeley and becomes progressively more pronounced as fewer who intend to major in STEM declare a STEM major, and even fewer graduate with a STEM degree.  Eppig examines the harsh local climate in STEM departments that contributes to the persistence gap—including non-inclusive teaching environments, implicit bias, lack of support structures, etc. — and presents new research on two long-standing programs that appear to ameliorate the persistence gap and suggest broader interventions to improve the undergraduate experience for all majors., 510-664-9102