Launch Pad: Undergraduate Student Talks about the Research Process in Arts and Humanities

Presentation | November 8 | 12:10-1 p.m. | Moffitt Undergraduate Library, 4th Floor


Moffitt Library is open to all students across every discipline on campus and the newly renovated fourth and fifth floors embody a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and process learning. To celebrate the spirit of the space and help support this student intellectual community, the Library has launched an informal student lunch series that features undergraduate students from different disciplines each month. Students discuss the initial process of starting a research project, introducing methodological approaches and resources while inviting other students to share their insight as well.

This month's featured student is Gabriella Wellons.

Gabriella Wellons
History of Art
“Ancient Graffiti and Emulation of Moche Religious Wall Paintings”
This research project will create a comprehensive graphic record of the graffiti discovered on the walls of Huaca de la Luna from the the Moche culture of ancient Peru (ca. 250–850 CE), and map the specific locations and types of ancient graffiti for digital documentation and data analysis, in order to further investigate the agency of the graffiti-makers, as well as the possible purposes and meanings of the iconography and motifs comprising a significant part of the visual history of Moche culture.

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