Graduate Symposium on German Medieval Studies

Colloquium | May 4 – 5, 2017 every day | 10 a.m.-5 p.m. | 201 Moses Hall

 Department of German

Stanford - Wallenberg Hall, Room 433A

10:00 am. Welcome (Coffee and light refreshments)
10:15 am. Session 1
Moderated by Kathrin Gollwitzer, Berkeley
􀁸 Walker Horsfall, Toronto. “Mirrors and Mock
Jousts: Metaphor as Ritual in Frauenlob”
􀁸 Mareike Reisch, Stanford. “sinne und vernunft:
Die bildliche Darstellung eines mittelalterlichen
Modells von Sinneswahrnehmung im
Konstanzer Haus zur Kunkel“
􀁸 Daniela Fuhrmann and Pia Selmayr, Zurich.
“Narrated Orders - Orders of Narration”
12:30 pm. Lunch
1:30 pm. Session 2
Moderated by Landon Reitz, Berkeley
􀁸 Hans Pech, Harvard. “Vision and Imagination
in Henry Suso´s Mysticism”
􀁸 Chris Hutchinson, Stanford. “Syphilis and its
Cure: Ulrich von Hutten and Medi(c)al
3:00 pm. Break
3:45 pm. Session 3
Barchas Room, Stanford Special Collections
Moderated by Robert Forke, Stanford
􀁸 Björn Buschbeck, Stanford. Manuscript Analysis
􀁸 Aleksandra Prica, Chapel Hill. Discussion of
Primary Text: Basler Trojanerkrieg


5/5 Moses Hall 201

10:30 am. Session 5
Moderated by Oriana Schällibaum, Zurich
􀁸 Jon Martin, Princeton. “Are Marke
and Isalde Married? An Examination
of Legal Ritual in Eilhart's Tristrant”
􀁸 Thomas Müller, Zurich. “Performative
Sanctification in Late Medieval Hagiography”
12:00 pm. Lunch
1:00 pm. Session 6
Moderated by Patric Di Dio Di Marco, Stanford
􀁸 Hannah Hunter-Parker, Princeton.
“Lost Manuscripts: Classics from the
German Homer to the Heldenbuch”
􀁸 Jake Wakelin, Toronto. “The Kaiserchronik in
Perspective: German Vernacular Historiography
in a Twelfth-Century Context”
2:30 pm. Break
3:00 pm. Session 7
Moderated by Jenny Strakovsky, Stanford
􀁸 Mae Lyons-Penner, Stanford.
“The Global Medieval Sourcebook”
􀁸 Christopher Hench, Berkeley.
“Phonological Soundscapes and the Lyrical ‘I’”