India's higher education system - how can we unleash a $10 trillion opportunity?

Lecture | April 20 | 5:30-6:30 p.m. |  Soda Hall

 Shailendra Kumar, President, Nalanda2.0

 Indian Graduate Students of Berkeley (IGSB)

Indian Graduate Students of Berkeley (IGSB) is hosting Shail Kumar on Thursday, April 20th for a session on Indian higher education and his vision for how to fix the broken system.

Education is the key to unleashing the potential of India's 1.3 billion people and building a Golden India for all. Higher education, which sits at a critical junction of the society and nation, is the master key. Well prepared professionals in all walks of lives and a thriving research, innovation, and entrepreneurship ecosystem can unleash India's vast potential, address its mega challenges, and make its environment and economy more vibrant and sustainable — i.e. a Golden India.

With 20-26 million children born each year in India, it is an important and urgent issue. Further, in the next 35-50 years, India must educate and prepare 700 million to 1.3 billion young men and women for their lives and careers. With over 1/6th of the world's population, building a Golden India is not just critical for India and its people, it is just as important for the world.

So, how is India’s higher education system doing and how could it be transformed to better meet the needs of its stakeholders? Shail will address this central question in this talk.

Shail Kumar is very passionate about issues in higher education in India. He took retirement from his high-flying career to do extensive research on this topic. The outcome was the book `Building Golden India: How to unleash India’s vast potential and transform its higher education system.

Shail is also the Founder and President of Nalanda 2.0 ( Prior to writing the book, he was an administrator at UC Berkeley and UC San Diego. He is the Past-President of the IIT Foundation and co-founder of Pan IIT alumni movement in the USA, and recipient of IIT Kharagpur's Distinguished Service Award.

We will have dinner afterward with the speaker, so please sign up on the RSVP link below., 512-965-5669