Character: A Concept That Does Not Stand Still

Lecture | April 19 | 12-1 p.m. | 201 Moses Hall

 Carlos Reis, University of Coimbra

 Institute of European Studies

This lecture starts with recent studies on the theory of the character as an unstable narrative category that is subject to transformations determined by the historical contexts in which it is represented. Nineteenth-century fiction reveals different concepts and performances of literary characters, in some cases foreshadowing its dynamic treatment; this treatment is confirmed by developments that digital media and technologies enable. Videogames and digital narratives in electronic formats reveal a textuality freed from constraints, bringing forth a rethinking of characters and their figuration. Concepts of transmedia fictionality and emerging narratives are part of this theoretical revision. Finally, the dynamic quality of the digital narrative can be associated with modern and post-modern fragmentary texts, whose narrativity is maintained active or latent., 510-643.4558