Raju Nayak | Singing Resistance: Oral Narratives of the Lambada Bhats of Southern India

Lecture | April 25 | 5-7 p.m. | Stephens Hall, 10 (ISAS Conf. Room)

 Raju Nayak, ISAS Visiting Scholar, 2016-2017, UC Berkeley

 Institute for South Asia Studies, Sarah Kailath Chair of India Studies

A talk that will explore the oral narratives of the Lambada Bhat community of Southern India, with a special focus on the Telangana region. The aim will be to probe how these narratives both effect the tribal community as well as accept, challenge, or disrupt conventional discourses on the history of the community as well as notions of development as promoted and sanctioned by the Indian nation state.

Speaker Bio
Dr. Rajunayak did much of his schooling at the government Zilla Parishat School while living in the Schedule Tribes welfare hostel. He graduated from Lal Bahadur College in Warangal and obtained his Masters in Human Resources from Kakatity University. He holds an M.A in English from CIEFL, and M.Phil and Ph.D. from the English and Foreign Languages University in Hyderbad, India. His doctoral thesis was on Oral Narratives of the Lambada Tribes from Telangana. He recently completed an ICSSR-sponsored major research projet on Lambada Bhat oral narratives.

Dr Rajunayak was the recipient of the Ford Foundation Fellowship and the Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship. He is an Associate Fellow at IIAS in Shimla and also a member of the editorial board of the Tribal Intellectual Collective India (TICI). He participated in the researchconducted by the Commonwealth Education Media Center for Asia, New Delhi. He also joined a project on AIF DE Schools in Hyderabad, conducted by TALEEM, Gujarat.

Dr Rajunayak developed several courses on India’s marginal communities: Literature from Marginal Cultures, Tribal Literature, An Introduction to Tribal Culture and Society, and Theorizing the Orient: Theory and Praxis in Indian Context. He has published articles on Telangana Bhat artisans, tribal literature and adivasi issues such as development and displacement. Currently he is a visiting scholar at the Institute for South Asia Studies at UC Berkeley.

Event made possible with the support of the Sarah Kailath Chair of India Studies

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