BSAC Technology Seminar - Designing Functional Organic Nanomaterials for Advanced Energy Technologies

Seminar | April 4 | 12-1 p.m. | 540 Cory Hall

 Dr. Guihua Yu, Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, Texas Materials Institute

 Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center

Nanostructured materials have become critically important in many areas of technology ranging from renewable energy, electronics, and photonics, to biology and medicine, because of their unusual physical/chemical properties due to confined dimensions of such materials. This talk will present a new class of polymeric materials we developed recently: nanostructured conducting polymer gels (nCPGs) that are hierarchically porous and structurally tunable in terms of size, shape, composition, hierarchical porosity, and chemical interfaces. nCPGs, as functional organic building blocks, offer an array of advantageous features such as intrinsic 3D nanostructured conducting framework, exceptional electrical conductivity and electrochemical activity to store and transport ions, synthetically tunable structures and chemical interface, and they have been demonstrated powerful for a number of applications in energy, environment, and healthcare technologies. Several examples of nCPGs-enabled advanced energy and smart electronic devices including high-energy lithium batteries, supercapacitors, self-healing, and adaptive electronics, will be discussed to illustrate “structure-derived multi-functionality” of this special class of materials.

 Faculty, Staff, Students - Graduate

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