When Police Kill, a book talk with Prof. Zimring

Reading - Nonfiction | April 11 | 5:10-6 p.m. | Doe Library, Morrison Library


Professor Franklin Zimring (Berkeley Law) compiles data from federal records, crowdsourced research, and investigative journalism to provide a comprehensive, fact-based picture of how, when, where, and why police resort to deadly force. Of the 1,100 killings by police in the United States in 2015, he shows, 85 percent were fatal shootings and 95 percent of victims were male. The death rates for African Americans and Native Americans are twice their share of the population.

“When Police Kill is the most comprehensive, data-driven study of the use of lethal force by police I have read. Professor Zimring’s objective examination provides valuable guideposts for a way forward for both police and communities.”

— Ray Kelly, former NYC Police Commissioner

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 All Audiences