Mongolian Throat-singing Concert

Performing Arts - Music | March 24 | 7 p.m. |  International House

 International House

KHUSUGTUN is an internationally revered performing group that performs traditional music from Mongolia, the home of Chinggis Khan. They are especially renowned for their a capella arrangements using “khöömei” or “throat-singing,” an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Consisting of six members, the band also performs horsehead fiddle, zither, flute, lute, open-ended flute and various jaw harps. Notable performances include the following:

• Out of 900 artists from 15 different countries, they won 2nd place at the ‘Asia’s Got Talent 2015’ show, organized in Malaysia and Singapore.
• “War Song Before Battle” an original composition for the hit TV show “Marco Polo” (Season 1, 2014).
• At the festival “Rain Forest World Music Festival”(RWMF) in Malaysia, one of the top 20 international festivals, they were recognized as the most distinctive group in 2012.
• In 2011, they performed at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK for the BBC Proms’ “Human Planet” concert, together with the BBC Concert Orchestra and bands from the Sakha Republic, Papua New Guinea, Greenland, and Zambia.

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