Essig Brunch: Prof. Fang Ouyang, ESPM Dept.: Population dynamics of an insect (Cotton Bollworm: Helicoverpa armigera), their driving factors and management strategy in a biologically-diversified landscape ecosystem

Seminar | February 10 | 10-11 a.m. | 1101 Valley Life Sciences Building

 Prof. Fang Ouyang, Visiting Professor, ESPM Dept., UC Berkeley

 Entomology, Essig Museum of, Entomology Students' Organization

The Entomology Students' Organization is pleased to present the Essig Brunch, UC Berkeley's only entomology-themed seminar series. Join us once a week to hear about exciting new research on a broad range of insect-related topics, from evolution to conservation to ecology to pest management, and much more. Refreshments are provided and all are welcome!