The Quest for a Voice: Revisiting Asia’s Democratic Revolt

Conference/Symposium | April 14 | 2-6 p.m. | 180 Doe Library

 M.P. Lu. Bold, Member of Parliament, Mongolia; Batchimeg Migeddorj, Office of the President of Mongolia; Namhee Lee, Asian Languages and Cultures, UCLA; Rowena He, History, St. Michael's College; Mendee Jargalsaikhan, Political Science, University of British Columbia; Teresa Wright, Political Science, California Sate University Long Beach; M. Steven Fish, Political Science, UC Berkeley; Robert Bedeski, Emeritus, University of Victoria, Canada

 Kevin O'Brien, Political Science, UC Berkeley

 Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS), Center for Korean Studies (CKS), Center for Chinese Studies (CCS)

A quarter century ago, Mongolia, Asia’s first Communist power, was wracked by revolt among its young, educated elite, a revolt that ultimately culminated in the collapse of Communism and establishment of a democratic government . Only months earlier, demonstrations at Tiananmen had ended in tragedy and disaster. Earlier still, Kwangju’s youth rallied to the cry of democractic reform.
Looking back at this period from the perspective of hindsight, and in the context of our own contemporary conversations about the preservation of democratic forms and ideals, scholars and government officials, including those who lived through these cataclysmic events, discuss Mongolia’s journey in comparative political perspective.

This program commemorates the 25th anniversary of Mongolia's constitution. Consul General Erdene Saldan will offer opening remarks for the program., 510-642-2809