Teaching History Conference: Teaching History in the 21st Century

Conference/Symposium | May 5 | 2407 Dwinelle Hall

UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project, UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project

 UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project

The Teaching History Conference began in 2015 as a way to bring scholars and practitioners across the K–16 continuum together to discuss history education. More than 150 participants from five different countries—including K–12 teachers, university and college professors, graduate students, and education researchers—began a collaborative dialogue on the unique challenges and opportunities faced by history educators at all levels.

This year, the Teaching History Conference will continue and expand on this conversation by considering history education in the twenty-first century, and the ways in which history can respond to our current moment. We conceive of this theme as inclusive of—but not limited to—teaching history in a digital context, and we encourage submissions that consider contemporary issues beyond the digital.

 teaching_history@berkeley.edu, 510-643-0897