Multidimensional spectroscopy and ultra-fast dynamics in nanoclusters

Seminar | February 11 | 4-5 p.m. | 120 Latimer Hall

 Prof. Dr. Frank Stienkemeier, Department of Physics, University of Freiburg

 College of Chemistry

Multidimensional coherent spectroscopy, well known from liquid or solid
samples, is a powerful tool and has gained much interest unravelling
mechanisms for light harvesting and opto-electronics, because charge/energy transfer, structural changes and coherent/incoherent dynamics of system-bath interactions can be readily disentangled. In order to extend
multidimensional spectroscopy to well-defined, isolated molecular
structures, and to understand fundamental light-induced processes, we
combined a multidimensional scheme with molecular beam targets. Rare gas clusters are employed to synthesize molecular complexes and nanostructures down to millikelvin temperatures. First results will be presented along with a comparison of different experimental techniques for short-time dynamics, their limitations and how one can extend methods even to XUV wavelength.