Visualizing molecular structure and dynamics in the regulation of gene expression

Seminar | September 9 | 4-5 p.m. | 106 Stanley Hall

 Eva Nogales, University of California, Berkeley

 College of Chemistry

Epigenetic silencing and transcription initiation are two major molecular processes contributing to the regulation of gene expression. We are using cryo-EM to visualize critical complexes in these two processes with the aim of defining their structure and dynamics and thus contribute to a mechanistic understanding of their regulatory functions. TFIID is a molecular hub that recognizes and binds to the core promoter, recruits the rest of the transcription preinitiation complex, and responds to regulatory cues. PRC2 is an essential epigenetic gene silencer required to define and maintain cell identity. Its activity is highly regulated by different histone marks and cofactors that can act combinatorially. I will present our latest results towards a better understanding of these two complexes.