CRISPRcon: Science, Society, and the Future of Gene Editing

Conference/Symposium | August 16 | 1 p.m. |  Stanley Hall

 Innovative Genomics Institute

CRISPRcon will be held in Stanley Hall on August 16–17. Hosted by the Innovative Genomics Institute and other partners, this special event will be open to the public, and non-scientists are encouraged to attend.

The goal of this event is to bring together a broad selection of expected and unexpected voices to discuss the future of genome editing technology across all applications. Through keynotes, panels, interactive discussions, and networking opportunities, CRISPRcon will create a unique forum in which everyone with a stake in CRISPR can share their ideas, ask and answer questions, and make sure that their voices are heard.

Full details are available on the event website.

 Alumni, Faculty, Friends of the University, General Public, Staff, Students - Graduate, Students - Undergraduate

 All Audiences