Webinar: Equipping Development Actors to Practice Impact Design

Panel Discussion | February 23 | 8 a.m. |  Online Webinar

 David Dewane, Impact Design Hub; Zoe Bezpalko, Autodesk Foundation; Sophi Martin, Blum Center for Developing Economies; Christian Benimana, African Design Centre, MASS Design Group

 Blum Center for Developing Economies, Engineering for Change, Impact Design Hub

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International development actors—from students, to engineers architects, technologists and policy makers—are designing products and services more consciously than ever before. Their growing focus on user behavior, cultural norms, processes, and political context has helped make the design and delivery of novel, poverty alleviating solutions more effective. This shift reflects the rise of “impact design,” which acknowledges that the world’s most pressing, complex challenges demand transdisciplinary collaboration.

Universities, industries, and nonprofit organizations are addressing this rise by developing interdisciplinary training programs and tools to prepare the next generation of impact designers to be better problem solvers. Examples of initiatives driving this work include E4C, Impact Design Hub (IDH), UC Berkeley’s Development Engineering PhD Program, Engineering for Change’s webinar series, and numerous others.

This webinar will articulate a range of models of how today’s development actors are better able, equipped and prepared to practice impact design. Join this webinar to:

1. Meet leading impact design practitioners and learn about their trajectory and their interdisciplinary work.
2. Glean insights into the skills, training, and resources necessary for the next generation of Impact Designers

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