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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fall 2017 Architecture Sustainability Colloquium

Colloquium | August 25 – December 1, 2017 every day | 112 Wurster Hall

 College of Environmental Design

FRIDAYS - AUG 25 through DEC 1. CHECK THE SCHEDULE FOR SPEAKERS. Bay Area Leaders discuss topics in sustainability.

BJCL Bluebooking Workshop

Workshop | November 5 | 10 a.m.-4 p.m. |  The Law Building

 Rebecca Friedman

 Berkeley Law

An open meeting where members complete their bluebooking assignments and can ask questions of 2Ls and 3Ls.

Searching for Dark Matter Particles in a Gold Mine

Presentation | November 5 | 2-4 p.m. | Berkeley Public Library, Central Library, 3rd Floor Community Room

 2090 Kittredge St., Berkeley, CA 94704

 Dan Mckinsey, Department of Physics


The Berkeley Public Library in conjunction with the Bay Area Science Festival and the global celebration of Dark Matter Day presents Dan McKinsey, UC Physicist and the Georgia Lee Distinguished Professor of Physics. Professor McKinsey will present a lively talk with slides on the 'search for the unseen', an amazing experiment taking place miles underground and addressing the elusive phenomenon of...   More >

LUX-ZEPLIN dark matter experiment

Monday, November 6, 2017

Fall 2017 Architecture Sustainability Colloquium

Colloquium | August 25 – December 1, 2017 every day | 112 Wurster Hall

 College of Environmental Design

FRIDAYS - AUG 25 through DEC 1. CHECK THE SCHEDULE FOR SPEAKERS. Bay Area Leaders discuss topics in sustainability.

Food, Agriculture and Human Impacts on the Environment: Japan, Asia and Beyond

Conference/Symposium | November 6 | 9 a.m.-6 p.m. | 180 Doe Library

 Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS), Center for Japanese Studies (CJS), Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Center for Chinese Studies (CCS), Archaeological Research Facility, Berkeley Food Institute, Department of Anthropology, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

The goal of this workshop is to link local and regional case studies of food, agriculture, and human-environmental interaction with the broader discussion of global environmental issues and long-term sustainability. Special emphasis is on case studies from Japan, East Asia and the North Pacific Rim.

2017 Resources Roundtable: Feeding The World at 9 Billion

Conference/Symposium | November 6 | 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m. | Sutardja Dai Hall, Banatao Auditorium

 Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative

The Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative is pleased to present the 2017 Resources Roundtable:
Feeding The World at 9 Billion: Global Challenges for Food Production in a Compromised Environment
The triple threat of climate change, soil degradation, and water shortage are increasingly pressuring our food systems. Meanwhile, human population continues to grow exponentially in some of the...   More >

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Seismic Isolation of Sensitive Equipment: Semm Seminar

Seminar | November 6 | 12-1 p.m. | 502 Davis Hall

 Amarnath Kasalanati, Associate Director, Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center

 Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)

Seismic isolation has been used effectively over the past three decades to protect contents of structures. This presentation discusses seismic isolation of equipment using a multi-directional spring, which provides much better damping and self-centering capability.

​Graduate Student Seminar

Seminar | November 6 | 12-1:30 p.m. | 489 Minor Hall

 Mehmet N Agaoglu

 Neuroscience Institute, Helen Wills

Title: Miniature eye movements are tuned but not optimal for fine discrimination at the fovea

Abstract: Human eyes are never stable, even during attempts of maintaining gaze on a visual target. Considering transient response characteristics of retinal ganglion cells, a certain amount of motion of the eyes is required to efficiently encode information and to prevent neural adaptation. However,...   More >

Combinatorics Seminar: Schubert polynomials and slide polynomials

Seminar | November 6 | 12:10-1 p.m. | 939 Evans Hall

 Dominic Searles, University of Southern California

 Department of Mathematics

We introduce a new basis for the polynomial ring called the slide polynomials, which contains Gessel's fundamental basis of quasisymmetric polynomials. One aim is to better understand the geometrically-important basis of Schubert polynomials, whose structure constants count intersection points of triples of Schubert subvarieties of the complete flag variety. Schubert polynomials expand positively...   More >

Longitudinal Dynamic Models for Examining the Development of Fluid Reasoning

Colloquium | November 6 | 12:10-1:10 p.m. | 3105 Tolman Hall

 Emilio Ferrer, Department of Psychology, UC Davis

 Department of Psychology

In this presentation I discuss structural equation modeling as a framework for examining developmental processes. First, I present some principles of longitudinal research that underlie both study designs and statistical models for longitudinal data. I then describe models that focus on mechanisms of within-person change, and demonstrate their use for examining developmental processes. I...   More >

Political Economy Seminar/PERL

Seminar | November 6 | 12:30-2 p.m. | 223 Moses Hall

 David Schonholzer, PhD Student, Berkeley

 Haas School of Business

The Political Economy Seminar focuses on formal and quantitative work in the political economy field, including formal political theory.

Plant and Microbial Biology Student/Post Doc Seminar

Seminar | November 6 | 12:30-1:30 p.m. | 338 Koshland Hall

 Steven Ahrendt, PMB; Zach Barth, PMB

 Plant and Microbial Biology Student Group

Come join us to hear research going on in PMB from graduate students and post docs. There will be snacks and coffee/tea. Please bring a mug. Hosted by the Plant and Microbial Biology Student Group (PMBG).

String-Math Seminar: Knots quivers correspondence

Seminar | November 6 | 2-3 p.m. | 402 LeConte Hall

 Poitr Sulkowski, U. OF WARSAW, CALTECH

 Department of Mathematics

I will present a surprising relation between knot invariants and quiver representation theory, motivated by various string theory constructions involving BPS states. Consequences of this relation include the proof of the famous Labastida-Marino-Ooguri-Vafa conjecture (at least for symmetric representations), explicit (and unknown before) formulas for colored HOMFLY polynomials for various knots,...   More >

Northern California Symplectic Geometry Seminar: The Legendrian topology of surface triangulations

Seminar | November 6 | 2:30-3:30 p.m. | Stanford University, Room 384H

 Roger Casals, MIT and UCL

 Department of Mathematics

In this talk I will introduce a class of Legendrian wavefronts associated to surface triangulations. First, I will explain the interplay between the Legendrian isotopy type and the combinatorics of the triangulation. In particular, we will be connecting symplectic geometry and graph theory. Then I will discuss the Floer theory of these wavefronts and provide a description of their dg-algebras....   More >

Probabilistic Operator Algebra Seminar: Regularity of polynomials in free variables ( after Charlesworth and Shlyakhtenko)

Seminar | November 6 | 3-5 p.m. | 736 Evans Hall

 Brent Nelson, NSF Postodoctoral Fellow UC Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

We will present the recent paper of Charlesworth and Shlyakhtenko in which it is shown that if an $n$-tuple of operators has free entropy dimension $n$, then every selfadjoint polynomial in these operators has an atomless spectral measure.

Modern Estimation of Information Theoretic Functionals

Seminar | November 6 | 3-4 p.m. | 540 Cory Hall

 Jiantao Jiao

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Modern inferential tasks—ranging from graphical model learning to image registration to inference of gene regulatory networks—frequently involve estimation of information theoretic functionals such as entropy, mutual information, Kullback–Leibler divergence, and total variation distance. This talk will focus on recent progress in our understanding of the performance, structure, and deployment of...   More >

Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory RTG Seminar: Heights in families of abelian varieties and the Geometric Bogomolov Conjecture

Seminar | November 6 | 3:10-5 p.m. | 891 Evans Hall

 Ziyang Gao, Princeton University/CNRS

 Department of Mathematics

Given an abelian scheme over a smooth curve over a number field, we can associate two height functions: the fiberwise defined Neron-Tate height and a height function on the base curve. For any irreducible subvariety X of this abelian scheme, we prove that the Neron-Tate height of any point in an explicit Zariski open subset of X can be uniformly bounded from below by the height of its projection...   More >

Bob Oliver — Fishy Predictions or Fish Stew

Seminar | November 6 | 3:30-5 p.m. | 3108 Etcheverry Hall

 Bob Oliver, UC Berkeley IEOR

 Industrial Engineering & Operations Research

Because of current federal laws on endangered fish species, water exports to California Aqueducts in San Joaquin Valley and Southern California are restricted by a combination of low Delta Smelt counts and densities in the Bay Delta and judgments by experts. This seminar suggests some ways in which Bayes’ Factors and combinations of forests of Information Odds Scores can help us improve our...   More >

Python FUN!damentals: Part 1

Workshop | November 6 | 4-7 p.m. | 405 Moffitt Undergraduate Library

 Chris Gagne, D-Lab


This four-part, interactive workshop series is your complete introduction to programming Python for people with little or no previous programming experience. By the end of the series, you will be able to apply your knowledge of basic principles of programming and data manipulation to a real-world social science application.

 Cal ID required to enter Moffitt Library


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Seminar 271, Development: "Jobs for Sale: Corruption and Misallocation in Hiring"

Seminar | November 6 | 4-5:30 p.m. | 648 Evans Hall

 Jeff Weaver, USC/UCSD

 Department of Economics

What kinds of models are most powerful for supporting science learning?: Models that integrate mechanism

Colloquium | November 6 | 4-5:30 p.m. | 2515 Tolman Hall

 Christian Schunn, University of Pittsburgh

 Graduate School of Education

In science, models often serve as the bridge between empirical and theoretical, what was found and what is thought to be. Mathematical and computational transformations often play a central, but perhaps partially hidden, role in this bridge. These mathematical transformations can be approached in very transactional terms, necessary evils of little theoretical value to conceptual reasoning. Or the...   More >

Design Field Notes: M. Paz Gutierrez

Seminar | November 6 | 4-5 p.m. | 220 Jacobs Hall

 Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation

Architect, researcher, and Berkeley faculty member M. Paz Gutierrez will speak as part of Design Field Notes, a pop-up series that brings a design practitioner to a Jacobs Hall teaching studio to share ideas, projects, and practices.

Northern California Symplectic Geometry Seminar: Automatic transversality and contact homology with applications to dynamics

Seminar | November 6 | 4-5 p.m. | Stanford University, Room 383N

 Jo Nelson, Columbia

 Department of Mathematics

We discuss regularity results for the cylindrical contact homology of 3-dimensional prequantization bundles and explain how they are compatible with Morse-Bott computational methods. We will also explore applications to quantitative questions in dynamics, such as the refined Conley Conjecture, as previously anticipated by Ginzburg-Gürel-Macarini.

Analyzing RNA polymerase II with genomics approaches: an old dog with new tricks?

Seminar | November 6 | 4-5 p.m. | 106 Stanley Hall

 Julia Zeitlinger, Stowers Institute for Medical Research

 College of Chemistry

SLAM: Grow Your Own Scientists: Research with Undergraduates

Seminar | November 6 | 5:30-6:30 p.m. | 106 Stanley Hall

 Professor Miriam Bowring, Reed College

 QB3 - California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences

A Panel on Keeping the Arts Alive at the Berkeley Forum

Seminar | November 6 | 6-8 p.m. | 219 Dwinelle Hall

 The Berkeley Forum

Fine arts organizations across multiple genres and styles are experiencing dwindling audience numbers. As it currently stands, many organizations are reliant on older populations as their primary patrons. This event will bring together artists from multiple fields to discuss how they see their fields innovating in this changing world as well as what is necessary to keep the arts alive for future...   More >

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Dissertation Talk: Alternate Representations for Scalable Analysis and Control of Heterogeneous Time Series

Presentation | November 6 | 6-8 p.m. | 405 Soda Hall

 Francois Belletti, UC Berkeley

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

A plethora of algorithms and theories developed in the field of Machine Learning enable better identification of system dynamics and extensive control of the corresponding systems. However, the vast majority of research focuses on problems dealing with homogenous observation data sets or control environment.

Such a setting is not representative of the actual way data sets are collected and the...   More >

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fall 2017 Architecture Sustainability Colloquium

Colloquium | August 25 – December 1, 2017 every day | 112 Wurster Hall

 College of Environmental Design

FRIDAYS - AUG 25 through DEC 1. CHECK THE SCHEDULE FOR SPEAKERS. Bay Area Leaders discuss topics in sustainability.

Food, Agriculture and Human Impacts on the Environment: Japan, Asia and Beyond

Conference/Symposium | November 7 | 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. | 180 Doe Library

 Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS), Center for Japanese Studies (CJS), Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Center for Chinese Studies (CCS), Archaeological Research Facility, Berkeley Food Institute, Department of Anthropology, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

The goal of this workshop is to link local and regional case studies of food, agriculture, and human-environmental interaction with the broader discussion of global environmental issues and long-term sustainability. Special emphasis is on case studies from Japan, East Asia and the North Pacific Rim.

BASF Seminar in Chemical Sciences: Cysteine Arylation to Engineer Peptides and Proteins

Seminar | November 7 | 11 a.m.-12 p.m. | 120 Latimer Hall

 Prof. Bradley Pentelute, Department of Chemistry, MIT

 College of Chemistry

Here we report a robust bioconjugation method using cysteine arylation. This chemistry enables site-specific conjugation at cysteine residues within peptides, proteins, and antibodies. Our two developed approaches use either perfluoroaryl-cysteine SNAr chemistry or organometallic palladium reagents. This work lead to the discovery of a self-labeling four-residue sequence that enables...   More >

Seminar 217, Risk Management: Rough Heston model: Pricing, hedging and microstructural foundations

Seminar | November 7 | 11 a.m.-1 p.m. | 639 Evans Hall

 Speaker: Mathieu Rosenbaum, École Polytechnique

 Center for Risk Management Research

It has been recently shown that rough volatility models, where the volatility is driven by a fractional  Brownian motion with small Hurst parameter, provide very relevant dynamics in order to reproduce the  behavior of both historical and implied volatilities. However, due to the non-Markovian nature of the fractional Brownian motion, they raise new issues when it comes to the risk management of...   More >

Zotero for Citation Management

Workshop | November 7 | 12-1 p.m. | 405 Moffitt Undergraduate Library

 Jennifer Dorner, The Library; David Eifler, The Library


Citation management software can help organize research results and make writing papers easier by quickly creating properly formatted bibliographies and footnotes.

Learn how to use this easy citation manager for Firefox, Safari and Chrome. The workshop will cover importing citations, exporting bibliographies, sharing resources for working groups, and using a wide variety of citation styles.

 A Cal ID is required to enter Moffitt Library.

Development Lunch: "Monitoring Employees: A Principal-Agent Approach to Driving Behavior and Productivity in Kenyas Informal Public Transport Industry"

Seminar | November 7 | 12:30-1:30 p.m. | 648 Evans Hall

 Erin Kelley

 Department of Economics

Student seminar series for development economics student in Econ and ARE.

The logistical origins of violence in Central Africa: roadblock economies in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic

Colloquium | November 7 | 12:30-2 p.m. | 223 Moses Hall

 Peer Schouten, Postdoctoral Fellow, DIIS and UCB Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley Department of Geography

 Center for African Studies

Schouten is a postdoctoral fellow at the Danish Institute for International Studies, associate researcher at the International Peace Information Service (Belgium) and editor-in-chief at Theory Talks. He researches the political economy of conflict in Central Africa in the broadest sense, as well as the politics of infrastructure and the historical sociology of state formation. He has worked in...   More >

Introduction to Remote Sensing in QGIS

Workshop | November 7 | 1-3 p.m. | 55A McCone Hall

 Nancy Thomas, Geospatial Innovation Facility (GIF)


This workshop introduces the basic principles of digital satellite and aerial imagery and is appropriate for attendees who have some understanding of geospatial data fundamentals but have little or no experience in remote sensing. Through a combination of lecture and hands-on activities, we will explore the components and characteristics of digital imagery. Participants will learn how to find and...   More >

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Seminar 208, Microeconomic theory (joint with Psychology and Economics seminar)

Seminar | November 7 | 2-3:30 p.m. |  Evans Hall

 Anujit Chakraborty, UC Davis

 Department of Economics

Note special time and place

Composition Colloquium: Robert DicK

Colloquium | November 7 | 2 p.m. |  Hargrove Music Library

 Department of Music

3-4:30, Morrison 125 (unless otherwise noted)

Free and open to the public

Anthony Cheung (b. 1982, San Francisco) is a composer and pianist. His output ranges from solo to orchestral works, occasionally with electronics. His music has been commissioned by leading groups such as the Ensemble Modern, Ensemble Intercontemporain, New York Philharmonic, Cleveland Orchestra, Frankfurt Radio...   More >

Seminar 218, Psychology and Economics: Present Bias

Seminar | November 7 | 2:10-3:30 p.m. | 648 Evans Hall

 Anujit Chakraborty, UC Davis

 Department of Economics

Joint with Theory seminar

Mirror Symmetry and Symplectic Geometry Seminar: Monomial admissibility and monodromy

Seminar | November 7 | 2:10-3:30 p.m. | 939 Evans Hall

 Andrew Hanlon, UC Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

We will discuss a new interpretation of the Fukaya-Seidel category mirror to a compact toric variety and several applications of the construction. In particular, we will see how a natural monodromy of these categories is mirror to tensoring by a line bundle.

3-Manifold Seminar: Schwarzian derivatives, projective structures, and the Weil-Petersson gradient flow for renormalized volume

Seminar | November 7 | 2:10-3:30 p.m. | 740 Evans Hall

 Franco Vargas, UCB

 Department of Mathematics

Continuation from last week

i4Y Child Marriage and Youth Empowerment Group: Speaker Series

Seminar | November 7 | 3-4 p.m. | 440 University Hall

 Anoop Jain, DrPH Student, Child Marriage & Female Adolescent Health in Bihar, India

 i4Y - Innovations for Youth

The Innovations for Youth (i4Y) Child Marriage and Youth Empowerment Working Group has begun a speaker series to explore challenging questions related to child marriage and youth empowerment. The series will feature UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and graduate students' work in diverse contexts worldwide.
Presentations will begin in late October and run through early Spring 2018. Both events will...   More >

C. H. Li Memorial Lecture: YAP/TAZ in stem cells and cancer

Seminar | November 7 | 3:30-4:30 p.m. | 100 Genetics & Plant Biology Building

 Stefano Piccolo, University of Padova

 Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

C. H. Li Memorial Lectures

Student Harmonic Analysis and PDE Seminar (HADES): Stokes' theorem and construction of an invariant measure on an $L^2$ ball

Seminar | November 7 | 3:40-5 p.m. | 891 Evans Hall

 Justin Brereton, UC Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

An invariant measure is useful in proving almost sure well-posedness of a PDE on a compact set. Thomann and Tzvetkov constructed an invariant measure for the derivative nonlinear Schrodinger (DNLS) equation on the torus. In this talk we construct a DNLS-invariant measure on the set of functions with $L^2(T)$ norm equal to a fixed value $m$, by an argument that is similar to Stokes' theorem, but...   More >

Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry: The Fellowship of the Ring: Lower Bounds for Betti Numbers

Seminar | November 7 | 3:45-4:45 p.m. | 939 Evans Hall

 Adam Boocher, UC Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

The Rank Conjecture of Buchsbaum-Eisenbud and Horrocks says roughly that the Koszul complex is the "smallest" possible resolution. In this talk, I'll discuss this conjecture and several stronger and weaker incarnations of it. After surveying what is known, I'll describe some recent work with Jimmy Seiner for monomial ideals.

Central American History and Identity: Past and Present: A Gathering for Teachers and Other Educators

Workshop | November 7 | 4-5:30 p.m. |  Available with registration

  , Oakland, CA

 Rebecca Herman, Assistant Professor of History, UC Berkeley

 Undergraduate Students from UC Berkeley, Central Americans for Empowerment

 ORIAS (Office of Resources for International and Area Studies)

In Partnership with the UC Berkeley Office of Resources for International and Area Studies (ORIAS), the OUSD ELLMA office invites you to learn more about the historical context impacting migration from Central America, its connection to US policy, and the complex, intersectional identities of students from the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

 This event is for k-14 teachers.


  Registration opens November 1. Register online or by calling Shane Carter at 5102895962, or by emailing Shane Carter at orias@berkeley.edu by November 7.

Writing the History of Archaic Greece: Pheidon and Telesilla

Seminar | November 7 | 4-6 p.m. | 7205 Dwinelle Hall

 Jonathan M. Hall, University of Chicago

 Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, Graduate Group in

Giving infrared spectroscopy a boost: New methods for studying interfaces, chirality, vibrational coupling across the spectrum, and proton transfer reactions

Seminar | November 7 | 4-5 p.m. | 120 Latimer Hall

 Poul Petersen, Department of Chemistry & Biology, Cornell University

 College of Chemistry

Mid-infrared (IR) spectroscopy directly interrogates the chemical bonds molecules are composed of through their vibrational frequencies and thus offers a direct and local probe of molecular structure and nuclear motion. However, ultrafast IR spectroscopy is very challenging and thus heavily technology driven. Progress is driven by technical advances and the development of new laser sources and...   More >

Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry: The Fellowship of the Ring: Stillman's Question, Solved! (Part 2)

Seminar | November 7 | 5-6 p.m. | 939 Evans Hall

 Chris Eur, UC Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

We continue the journey of Ananyan and Hochster's resolution of Stillman's Question. After a brief review of the main theorems, we dive right into the technical details. Our goal will be to build necessary tools to prove the main theorems, in particular to make precise the statement that small collapse is equivalent to small codimension of singular locus.

EPMS Weekly Seminar

Seminar | November 1, 2016 – December 5, 2017 every Tuesday | 5:10-6 p.m. | 212 O'Brien Hall

 Engineering and Project Management Society

Each week the Engineering and Project Management Society brings in a speaker to talk about topics related to construction and project management. Light refreshments will be provided.

Event is ADA accessible. For disability accommodation requests and information, please contact Disability Access Services by phone at 510.643.6456 (voice) or 510.642.6376 (TTY) or by email at...   More >

LEED Workshop: Become LEED Accredited!

Course | November 7 | 6-10 p.m. | 105 Dwinelle Hall

 Student Environmental Resource Center

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a green-rating point system to certify a building’s sustainability. Just as Buildings can be LEED certified, students and professionals can become LEED Accredited themselves. (More information regarding course registration to come).

Global Health Expert Panel: Challenges and Opportunities in Global Health

Panel Discussion | November 7 | 7-9 p.m. |  Anna Head Alumnae Hall (2537 Haste St.)

 Dr. Malcolm Potts, Founder of the Fred H. Bixby, Jr. Center for Population and Family Planning, UC Berkeley; Dr. Woutrina Smith, Co-Director for UC Global Health Institute Planetary Health Center of Expertise, UC Davis; Dr. Craig Cohen, Co-Director, Center of Expertise in Women's Health, Gender and Empowerment, University of California, Global Health Institute, UC San Francisco

 Dr. Ndola Prata, Co-Director, Center of Expertise in Women's Health, Gender and Empowerment, University of California, Global Health Institute, UC Berkeley

 UC Global Health Institute

Join us for an expert panel with an interdisciplinary discussion on Maternal Health, Infectious Disease, and Climate Change from across the UC System. They will also be discussing opportunities and careers in Global Health.

There will be a 45-minute facilitated discussion, followed by a 45-minute Question&Answer section with our experts. Come ready to learn and engage with our renown experts...   More >

  RSVP online

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fall 2017 Architecture Sustainability Colloquium

Colloquium | August 25 – December 1, 2017 every day | 112 Wurster Hall

 College of Environmental Design

FRIDAYS - AUG 25 through DEC 1. CHECK THE SCHEDULE FOR SPEAKERS. Bay Area Leaders discuss topics in sustainability.

Maximum Entropy and the Inference of Patterns in Nature

Seminar | November 8 | 12 p.m. | 560 Evans Hall

 John Harte, UC Berkeley

 Neuroscience Institute, Helen Wills

Constrained maximization of information entropy yields least biased probability distributions. In statistical physics, this powerful inference method yields classical thermodynamics under the constraints implied by conservation laws. Here we apply this method to ecology, starting with logically necessary constraints formed from ratios of ecological state variables, and derive realistic abundance...   More >

City as Nexus: Global Urban Humanities Fall 2017 Colloquium

Colloquium | August 30 – November 15, 2017 every Wednesday with exceptions | 12-1:30 p.m. | Wurster Hall, 494, South Tower

Various Guest Lecturers, Global Urban Humanities Initiative

 Global Urban Humanities

Fall 2017 (1 Unit)
Rhetoric 198-3 (Class Nbr: 21377) and CYPLAN 198-2 (Class Nbr: 12006)
Rhetoric 244A (Class Nbr: 46989) and CYPLAN 298-2 (Class Nbr: 47047)
Instructor: Kevin Block
Instructor of record: Susan Moffat
Wednesdays, 12-1:30PM
Location: Cal Design Lab, Room 494 SE Wurster Hall

The city is a social nexus. It binds people, things, forces, ideas together as a crossroads, grid,...   More >

Plant and Microbial Biology Plant Seminar: "Molecular Mechanisms of Organelle Formation in Bacteria"

Seminar | November 8 | 12-1 p.m. | 101 Barker Hall

 Arash Komeili, University of California, Berkeley

 Department of Plant and Microbial Biology

In the Komeili Lab, we have developed the tools to understand the molecular basis of magnetosome formation and magnetite biomineralization in Magnetospirillum magneticum AMB-1. These advances have helped us to uncover the potential function of a large number of "magnetosome genes." The current efforts in the lab are centered around defining the specific functions of these factors and leveraging...   More >

Arash Komeili

MVZ LUNCH SEMINAR: Emily Taylor "The Changing Thermal Landscape: New Technology Transforms Our Understanding of the Thermal Ecology of Lizards and Snakes"

Seminar | November 8 | 12-1 p.m. | Valley Life Sciences Building, 3101 Grinnell-Miller Library

 Emily Taylor

 Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

MVZ Lunch is a graduate level seminar series (IB264) based on current and recent vertebrate research. Professors, graduate students, staff, and visiting researchers present on current and past research projects. The seminar meets every Wednesday from 12- 1pm in the Grinnell-Miller Library. Enter through the MVZ's Main Office, 3101 Valley Life Sciences Building, and please let the receptionist...   More >

Hildebrand Scholars Colloquium

Colloquium | November 8 | 12-1:30 p.m. | 223 Moses Hall

 Ramya Janandharan, Ethnic Studies; Julia Lewandoski, History; Daniel Suarez, Environmental Science, Policy, & Management; Caitlin Tom, Political Science

 Canadian Studies Program (CAN))

Join Canadian Studies for lunch and learn about research conducted in Canada by Berkeley graduate students:

Ramya Janandharan
Ethnic Studies

Julia Lewandoski

Daniel Suarez
Environmental Science, Policy, & Management

Caitlin Tom
Political Science

Long-Distance Caregiving (BEUHS121)

Workshop | November 8 | 12:10-1:30 p.m. | Tang Center, University Health Services, Class of '42

 Maureen Kelly, Ed.D., LCSW, Be well at Work - Elder Care

 Be Well at Work - Elder Care

Being a long distance caregiver to an elder brings its own set of challenges. Assessing needs and navigating resources from afar can be stressful and complicated. This interactive workshop examines when and how to help, how to locate resources in your elder’s area, and how to seek support for yourself.

Experience Effects: How Personal Lifetime Experiences Affect Financial Investment and Risk Attitudes

Colloquium | November 8 | 12:10-1:15 p.m. | 5101 Tolman Hall

 Ulrike Malmendier, Professor, Haas School of Business

 Institute of Personality and Social Research

Malmendier’s area of focus is the intersection of economics and finance, and why and how individuals make decisions—specifically how individuals make mistakes and systematically biased decisions. Some of her work includes research on CEO overconfidence, the long-term frugality of Depression “babies” and the decision-making behind gym membership.

Launch Pad: Undergraduate Student Talks about the Research Process in Arts and Humanities

Presentation | November 8 | 12:10-1 p.m. | Moffitt Undergraduate Library, 4th Floor


Students discuss the initial process of starting a research project, introducing methodological approaches and resources while inviting other students to share their insight as well. This months featured students are Jacob Bjorseth and Gabriella Wellons.

 Must have a UCB ID for entrance.

Getting Started in Undergraduate Research and Finding a Mentor Workshop

Workshop | November 8 | 1-2 p.m. | 9 Durant Hall

 Leah Carroll, Haas Scholars Program Manager/Advisor, Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships

 Office of Undergraduate Research

Getting Started in Undergraduate Research

If you are thinking about getting involved in undergraduate research, this workshop is a great place to start! You will get a broad overview of the research opportunities available to undergraduates on campus, and suggestions on how to find them.

We will also let you know about upcoming deadlines and eligibility requirements for some of...   More >

EH&S 403 Training Session

Course | November 8 | 1:30-2:30 p.m. | 370 University Hall

 Jason Smith, UC Berkeley Office of Environment, Health, & Safety

 Office of Environment, Health & Safety

This session briefly covers the UC Berkeley specific radiation safety information you will need to start work.​ In addition, dosimeter will be issued, if required.

Topology Seminar (Introductory Talk): Introduction to Weinstein manifolds

Seminar | November 8 | 2-3 p.m. | 740 Evans Hall

 Oleg Lazarev, Columbia

 Department of Mathematics

In his proof of the $h$-cobordism theory, Smale showed how Morse functions on high-dimensional simply-connected manifolds can be manipulated and simplified. After reviewing smooth Morse theory, I will give an introduction to the symplectic analog, Weinstein manifolds, which can be manipulated in a similar way, and provide a large class of examples of symplectic manifolds.

Two-Year Home Country Physical Presence Requirement Workshop

Workshop | November 8 | 2-4 p.m. | International House, Sproul Rooms

 Berkeley International Office(BIO))

J-1 and J-2 visitors subject to this requirement must return to their country of last legal residence for two years or obtain a waiver before being eligible for certain employment visas such as H (temporary employment), L (intra-company transfer), or Permanent Resident status ("green card"). Not all J visitors are subject as it depends on specific factors.

At this workshop, you will...   More >

BLISS Seminar: Tight regret bounds for a latent variable model of recommendation systems

Seminar | November 8 | 3-4 p.m. | Cory Hall, 400 Cory

 Mina Karzand, MIT

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

We consider an online model for recommendation systems, with each user being recommended an item at each time-step and providing 'like’ or 'dislike’ feedback. A latent variable model specifies the user preferences: both users and items are clustered into types. \

Self-avoiding polygons and walks: counting, joining and closing.

Seminar | November 8 | 3:10-4 p.m. | 1011 Evans Hall

 Alan Hammond, U.C. Berkeley

 Department of Statistics

Self-avoiding walk of length n on the integer lattice Z^d is the uniform measure on nearest-neighbour walks in Z^d that begin at the origin and are of length n. If such a walk closes, which is to say that the walk's endpoint neighbours the origin, it is natural to complete the missing edge connecting this endpoint and the origin. The result of doing so is a self-avoiding polygon. We investigate...   More >

C. H. Li Memorial Lecture: Control of cell behavior by mechanotransduction

Seminar | November 8 | 3:30-4:30 p.m. | 100 Genetics & Plant Biology Building

 Stefano Piccolo, University of Padua

 Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

C. H. Li Memorial Lectures

EECS Colloquium: Opportunities and Perils in Data Science

Colloquium | November 8 | 4-5 p.m. | Soda Hall, 306 (HP Auditorium)

 Alfred Z. Spector, Two Sigma

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Over the last few decades, empiricism has become the third leg of computer science, adding to the field’s traditional bases in mathematical analysis and engineering. This shift has occurred due to the sheer growth in the scale of computation, networking, and usage as well as progress in machine learning and related technologies. Resulting data-driven approaches have led to extremely powerful...   More >

Chronic Cultural Impossibility: Ideologies that Undermine Health as a Fundamental Social Right

Colloquium | November 8 | 4-5:30 p.m. | 2538 Channing (Inst. for the Study of Societal Issues), Wildavsky Conference Room

 Clara Mantini-Briggs, Departments of Anthropology and Demography, UC Berkeley

 Institute for the Study of Societal Issues, Berkeley Center for Social Medicine

Even when health professionals embrace conceptions of health as a fundamental social right, health practitioners can embrace a framework that, in critical race scholar Denise Silva's terms, “produces and regulates human condition and establishes (morally and intellectually) a distinct kind of human being.” How can a professional commitment to prioritize the health of low-income racialized...   More >

Python FUN!damentals: Part 2

Workshop | November 8 | 4-7 p.m. | 405 Moffitt Undergraduate Library

 Chris Gagne, D-Lab


This four-part, interactive workshop series is your complete introduction to programming Python for people with little or no previous programming experience. By the end of the series, you will be able to apply your knowledge of basic principles of programming and data manipulation to a real-world social science application.

 Cal ID required to enter Moffitt Library


  Register online

Panel for Graduate Student Applicants

Panel Discussion | November 8 | 4-5:30 p.m. | Wheeler Hall, 330, English Department Lounge

 Department of English

Expert speakers will answer questions and discuss the application process, including the personal statement, letters of recommendation, and the writing sample.

For more information, contact Professor James Turner (grantham@berkeley.edu) or Professor Emily Thornbury (thornbury@berkeley.edu).

Investigations of the Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide/The Future of Lithium Batteries: An Outlook on Ion Transport in Polymer Electrolytes

Colloquium | November 8 | 4-6 p.m. | 180 Tan Hall

 Ezra Clark, Ph.D. student in the Bell Group; Danielle Pesko, Ph.D. student in the Balsara Group

 Department of Chemical Engineering

Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics Seminar: Algebraic constructions of Markov duality functions

Seminar | November 8 | 4-5 p.m. | 939 Evans Hall

 Jeffrey Kuan, Columbia University

 Department of Mathematics

Markov duality in spin chains and exclusion processes has found a wide variety of applications throughout probability theory. We review the duality of the asymmetric simple exclusion process (ASEP) and its underlying algebraic symmetry: in particular, there is an underlying quantum group and affine Lie algebra symmetry. We then explain how the algebraic structure leads to a wide generalization of...   More >

Using Light and Photoregulated Allosteric Ligands for the Precise Spatiotemporal Control of mGluRs Activity In Vivo

Seminar | November 8 | 4 p.m. | 177 Life Sciences Addition

 Amadeu Llebaria, Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia

 Neuroscience Institute, Helen Wills

Topology Seminar (Main Talk): Simplifying Weinstein Morse functions

Seminar | November 8 | 4-5 p.m. | 3 Evans Hall

 Oleg Lazarev, Columbia

 Department of Mathematics

By work of Cieliebak and Eliashberg, any Weinstein structure on Euclidean space that is not symplectomorphic to the standard symplectic structure necessarily has at least three critical points; an infinite collection of such exotic examples were constructed by McLean. Hence Smale's $h$-cobordism theorem fails in the symplectic setting. Nonetheless I will explain why this lower bound on the number...   More >

Causal inference with interfering units for cluster and population level intervention programs

Seminar | November 8 | 4-5 p.m. | 1011 Evans Hall

 Fabrizia Mealli, University of Florence

 Department of Statistics

Interference arises when an individual's potential outcome
depends on the individual treatment and also on the treatment
of others. A common assumption in the causal inference literature in the
presence of interference is partial interference, implying that the
population can be partitioned in clusters of units whose potential
outcomes only depend on the treatment of other units within the...   More >

Applied Math Seminar: A High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Variable-Coefficient Advection-Diffusion Problems

Seminar | November 8 | 4-5 p.m. | 891 Evans Hall

 Raunak Borker, Stanford University

 Department of Mathematics

A high-order discontinuous Galerkin method with Lagrange multipliers (DGLM) is presented for the solution of the steady advection-diffusion equation with a variable advection field in the high Peclet number regime. In this regime, the standard finite element method (FEM) might produce non-physical oscillations in the solution at practical mesh resolutions. Like a Discontinuous Enrichment Method...   More >

WordPress for Easy and Attractive Websites

Workshop | November 8 | 4:10-5 p.m. | Barrows Hall, D-Lab (Barrows 350)

 Stacy Reardon


In this hands-on workshop, we will learn the basics of creating a WordPress site, a web-based platform good for blogs, scholarly portfolios, and websites. By the end of the workshop, you will know how to post content, embed images and video, customize themes and appearance, and work with plugins. Please bring a laptop if possible.

New Work in 20+21st Century Literature

Seminar | November 8 | 5-7 p.m. | 300 Wheeler Hall

 Sam Alexander, Endicott College; Madison Moore, King's College, London

 Department of English

Works-in-progress seminar with pre-circulated readings

Food Systems Career Panel

Career Fair | November 8 | 5-7:30 p.m. | David Brower Center, Tamalpais Room

 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

 Berkeley Food Institute, BEACN, FEED, FoodInno, Food@Haas, Food and Agriculture Policy Group, Food Science and Tech at Cal, GradFood, Berkeley Food Institute Undergraduate and Graduate Student Councils, UC Global Food Initiative Student Ambassador

Interested in a career in transforming food systems? Come network with local leaders from across the food and agriculture sector.


  Register online

Thriving in Science November Seminar: Focus and Energy Workshop

Seminar | November 8 | 6-7:30 p.m. | 105 Stanley Hall

 Sahar Yousef & Lucas Miller

 Thriving in Science

The Great Debate

Panel Discussion | November 8 | 6:30-8 p.m. | A1 Hearst Field Annex

Cal Berkeley Democrats, Cal Berkeley Democrats

Berkeley Conservative Society, Berkeley Conservative Society

 Center on Civility and Democratic Engagement

Come out to see Cal Berkeley Democrats debate the Berkeley Conservative Society! Both sides will debate their views on current political topics, ranging from foreign policy to healthcare. We encourage people of all political views to come and watch, and to watch their peers engage in debate.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Fall 2017 Architecture Sustainability Colloquium

Colloquium | August 25 – December 1, 2017 every day | 112 Wurster Hall

 College of Environmental Design

FRIDAYS - AUG 25 through DEC 1. CHECK THE SCHEDULE FOR SPEAKERS. Bay Area Leaders discuss topics in sustainability.

Ten Minutes to Improving Science Achievement (NSTA Milwaukee)

Workshop | November 9 | 8-9:30 a.m. |  Wisconsin Center

 400 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203

 FOSS Project staff, Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley

 Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS)

Hearing the word “assessment” can strike fear and trepidation into the hearts of both teachers and students.  Join FOSS developers to learn how assessment can be transformed into an integrated teaching tool that both teachers and students grades 3–8 can embrace to create a classroom culture that motivates effort and growth to improve student achievement.

Oliver E. Williamson Seminar

Seminar | November 9 | 12-1:30 p.m. | C330 Haas School of Business

 Supreet Kaur, Professor, UC Berkeley

 Haas School of Business

The Oliver E. Williamson Seminar on Institutional Analysis, named after our esteemed colleague who founded the seminar, features current research by faculty, from UCB and elsewhere, and by advanced doctoral students. The research investigates governance, and its links with economic and political forces. Markets, hierarchies, hybrids, and the supporting institutions of law and politics all come...   More >

Developing Outreach Activities to Highlight Your Research: Why should science outreach be an essential component of research labs and scientist training?

Workshop | November 9 | 12-1:30 p.m. | 375 LeConte Hall

Kate Spohr, Professor, Dept. of Psychology, Coalition for Education and Outreach

 David Whitney, Professor, Dept. of Psychology; Brian Wang, PhD student, Sarpong Lab, Dept. of Chemistry

 Traci Grzymala, Community Resources for Science

 Coalition for Education and Outreach (CEO)

Why should science outreach be an essential component of research labs and scientist training? In this session, we focus on how to develop an effective and engaging outreach activity that incorporates the focal research of your lab group or program.

Politically Engaged Science: A Brownbag Lunch Series

Seminar | September 14 – December 21, 2017 every Thursday with exceptions | 12-1 p.m. | 103 Mulford Hall

 Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy, and Mgmt. (ESPM)

This series challenges the notion that science and politics should not mix. Building on the March for Science and the People's Climate March, we'll discuss how research in the public interest can make an impact in a political environment dominated by corporate interests, from the major parties to the media.

Weekly discussions will focus on case studies of activist scientists, political...   More >

The MNS blood group and resistance to malaria

Seminar | November 9 | 12:30-1:30 p.m. | 2040 Valley Life Sciences Building

 Ellen Leffler, University of Oxford

 Department of Integrative Biology

Breastfeeding Your Baby/Returning to Work or School (BEUHS602)

Workshop | November 9 | 1-4:15 p.m. | Tang Center, University Health Services, Class of '42

 Laura Monin, IBCLC, Certified Lactation Consultant


This 3 hour class is taught by a certified lactation consultant and is broken up into two parts.
The first portion of the class, 1-3 pm, addresses breastfeeding basics and problem solving. The second portion of class, 3:15-4:15pm, covers returning-to-work planning and breast pumps. Those who have already attended a breastfeeding class are welcome to join the last portion of the class.

Please...   More >

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) workshop

Workshop | November 9 | 1:30-4:30 p.m. | Valley Life Sciences Building, Bioscience Library Training Room, 2101 VLSB

 Devendra Mistry, Ph.D., Field Applications Scientist, Qiagen


A representative from Qiagen will offer a hands-on training workshop on using IPA to interpret expression data (including RNA-seq).


  Registration opens October 9. Register online or or by emailing Elliott Smith at esmith@library.berkeley.edu by November 9.

EHS 201 Biosafety in Laboratories

Course | November 9 | 1:30-3:30 p.m. | 177 Stanley Hall

 Office of Environment, Health & Safety

This training is required for anyone who is listed on a Biological Use Authorization (BUA) application form that is reviewed by the Committee for Laboratory and Environmental Biosafety (CLEB). A BUA is required for anyone working with recombinant DNA molecules, human clinical specimens or agents that may infect humans, plants or animals. This safety training will discuss the biosafety risk...   More >

Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics Seminar: Perturbative Chern-Simons invariants from quantum BV-BFV formalism.

Seminar | November 9 | 2-3 p.m. | 732 Evans Hall

 Konstantin Wernli, University of Zurich

 Department of Mathematics

I will report on recent developments in the computation of Perturbative Chern-Simons invariants via cutting and gluing in the quantum BV-BFV formalism. In particular, I will present results on theta-invariants of lens spaces that agree with earlier works of Kuperberg, Thurston and Lescop. This is ongoing joint work with A. Cattaneo and P. Mnev.

Market Entanglements: Fortune and Risk in a Chinese Bubble

Colloquium | November 9 | 4-6 p.m. | 180 Doe Library

 Bryna Goodman, History, University of Oregon, Eugene

 Wen-hsin Yeh, History, UC Berkeley

 Center for Chinese Studies (CCS)

In 1921-2 Chinese entrepreneurs established more than one hundred and fifty stock exchanges in Shanghai and several other cities, more exchanges than existed in the rest of the world at that time. Nearly all of these new, Western-styled financial institutions collapsed within a year. What were people thinking? Using a variety of sources—financial texts, newspaper advertisement, satirical essays,...   More >

The Views of Populists: What Trump Voters’ Perspectives and Perceptions of Trump Voters Tell Us About U.S. Democracy

Colloquium | November 9 | 4-5:30 p.m. | The Law Building, Warren Room

 Katherine Cramer, Director, Morgridge Center for Public Service and Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Arlie Hochschild, Professor Emerita, Sociology, UC Berkeley

 Center for Right-Wing Studies, Thelton Henderson Center for Social Justice, Department of Political Science, Department of Sociology

Lecture by Katherine Cramer, Director, Morgridge Center for Public Service and Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Arlie Hochschild, Professor Emerita, Sociology, UC Berkeley as a respondent.

Mathematics Department Colloquium: The Global Histories of Mathematics

Colloquium | November 9 | 4:10-5 p.m. | 60 Evans Hall

 Tomoko L. Kitagawa, UC Berkeley Center for Science, Technology, Medicine and Society

 Department of Mathematics

We will go on a round-the-world tour of the history of science, technology, and mathematics through six major cities (Amsterdam, Rome, Goa, Kyoto, Beijing, and Paris) of the 17th-century world. The goal of this time travel journey is to capture the circulation of scientific ideas that led to the expansion of imagination. While tracing mathematical ideas, we will discover unexpected connections...   More >

International Sanctions and the Sino-North Korean Border Economy

Colloquium | November 9 | 5-7 p.m. | 141 McCone Hall

 Kevin Gray, University of Sussex

 Center for Korean Studies (CKS)

Come join us as Kevin Gray talks about the unintended consequences of economic sanctions against North Korea on the Sino-North Korean border economy.