Global Macroeconomic Trends: Catalysts and Implications Expert Panel

Panel Discussion | November 5 | 5:30-8:30 p.m. | 505 UC Berkeley Extension (SF Campus at 160 Spear St.)

 Mohsin Hafeez, MBA, CFP®, Adjunct Faculty, Finance and Macroeconomics, UC Berkeley Extension; Tushar Yadava, BS, MA, Director and Strategist, Blackrock, Director and Strategist, Blackrock; Gary Schlossberg, BS, MSc, Vice President & Senior Economist, Wells Fargo Asset Management; Brian Leach, Senior Vice President, Fixed Income Strategies, PIMCO; John Savarese, MD, MBA, Managing Partner, BAIATEQ, LLC

 Brett Yokom, Instructor, UC Berkeley Extension

 UC Berkeley Extension

Countdown 2020: Is the economic recovery facing a bump in the road, or hitting a wall?

A year before a historic Presidential election, our nation looks askance. It’s been the longest, albeit tepid, recovery in several decades, causing consternation among the investors. Do economic recoveries necessarily die of old age? Or does something, or someone, kill them? From the hyperactive global central banks and their unprecedented actions to the governmental fiscal interventions, or the lack thereof, not to mention the political fork being offered next November, the general stakeholder is confronted with a myriad of ‘conundrums.’

Add to it the various impediments: US-China trade dispute, the glaring fiscal improbity, BREXIT, geopolitical stand-offs, and the list goes on and on. They are bewildered with the way the markets keep rallying and becoming more expensive, even as we see little reason for it. In these interesting times, beset by uncertainties, what opportunities should we focus on capitalizing and what risks are there to be managed, and when is historically ‘bad news’ actually ‘good news?’ Or the other way around!

This session will open with an executive briefing on critical macroeconomic update, including:

History of peaks and troughs

Federal Reserve actions during The Great Recession and after

The global scene

The developed markets

The emerging markets

The Global catalysts

The courage of conviction: the good, the delusional, and the ugly?

My ‘take!’

Following the briefing, a panel of finance and industry luminaries will analyze and discuss these topics and answer questions. The audience is encouraged to ask what’s on their mind.

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