Connecting Developmental Science to Positive Social Impact: How Can IHD Promote Interdisciplinary Synergies?

Colloquium | September 30 | 12:10-1 p.m. | 1104 Berkeley Way West

 Department of Psychology

Please join our 2019 Launch Meeting to discuss the vision, mission, goals, and progress of The Institute of Human Development (IHD). This discussion will focus on the goal of better integrating and synergizing across the disciplines represented in BWW: Psychology, Education, and Public Health.

The basic purpose of an Organized Research Unit (ORU) at UC Berkeley is to support important research that cannot be accomplished within any one discipline, department, or school. Advancing a deeper integrative understanding of child and adolescent development—and translating this into actionable insights in ways that have a positive impact on human development in our rapidly changing world—requires a truly trans-disciplinary approach.

These challenges also create a compelling set of opportunities at the interface of Psychology, Education, and Public Health by focusing on their developmental roots and on ways of improving social inequities. This approach also provides innovative high-impact opportunities to address two key strategic priorities across campus—Charting a New Course to Health and Wellbeing and the focus on Equality, Equity, and Opportunity—through an integrative understanding of child and adolescent development as a crucial time to impact health and well-being and promote equity and opportunity.

We particularly want to welcome new colleagues from Public Health, Education, and Psychology, as well as a broad range of disciplines across campus, to join us in laying out a shared vision of how we can connect developmental science to positive social impact. We look forward to an interesting and provocative discussion.