Book Talk and Reception with Dr. Olaf Groth and Mark Nitzberg

Special Event | May 8 | 6 p.m. |  Great Hall of the Easton Conference Center

 2401 Ridge Road, Berkeley, CA

 Dr. Olaf Groth, Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley; Mark J. Nitzberg, Executive Director, Center for Human Compatible Artificial Intelligence

 Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

As we cede more and more of our decisions to technologies powered by forms of artificial intelligence (AI), we face new questions about staying safe, keeping a job, and determining the direction we want our lives to take. Please join Dr. Olaf Groth, and co-author Mark J. Nitzberg, as they discuss their recent book, “Solomon's Code: Humanity in a World of Thinking Machines.”

Dr. Olaf Groth is a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley, serves as a Professor of Global Strategic Management, Innovation & Economics, as well as the Program Director for Digital & Disruption Futures at Hult International Business School, and CEO of

Mark J. Nitzberg is the Executive Director of the Center for Human Compatible Artificial Intelligence and head of strategic outreach for the Berkeley AI Research Lab at UC Berkeley, and a partner at


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