California Cognitive Science Conference: Constructing Happiness

Conference/Symposium | April 27 | 9 a.m.-5 p.m. |  Hearst Memorial Mining Building

 June Gruber, University of Colorado, Boulder; Dacher Keltner, University of California, Berkeley

 David Presti, University of California, Berkeley; Dan Haybron, Saint Louis University; Steve Whittaker, University of California, Santa Cruz

 Qing Zhou, University of California, Berkeley

 Cognitive Science Program

The CCSC is an annual all-day symposium bringing together hundreds of students, researchers, and members of the general public from around the world who are passionate about the interdisciplinary field of Cognitive Science for a day of talks and research presentations. We feature talks given by prominent scientists and thinkers from a wide variety of disciplines, and our acclaimed poster session provides undergraduates with the opportunity to present their own original research alongside graduate students and professional researchers.

The California Cognitive Science Conference at UC Berkeley brings together students, faculty and researchers from all over the world. It provides attendees with a chance to learn from and interact with researchers that have made ground-breaking contributions to the interdisciplinary field of Cognitive Science.

The theme for our annual conference is Constructing Happiness, and we will be exploring this exciting topic through an interdisciplinary lens. The conference provides attendees with a glimpse into the latest research in all the fields that comprise Cognitive Science, including but not limited to Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, Philosophy, and the Social Sciences.

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