Inaugural Conference on Right-Wing Studies

Conference/Symposium | April 25 – 27, 2019 every day |  2538 Channing (Inst. for the Study of Societal Issues)

 Center for Right-Wing Studies

The Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies is pleased to present the Inaugural Conference on Right-Wing Studies. This interdisciplinary conference will feature dozens of new and established scholars from around the world whose work deals with the Right as a social, political, and/or intellectual phenomenon from the 19th century to the present day. Participants will have the rare opportunity to join an expanding network of scholars who focus on right-wing studies, facilitating the development of this interdisciplinary field and future collaborations.


Thursday, April 25 | 4:00-6:00 pm | Sibley Auditorium, Bechtel Engineering Center, UC Berkeley
The conference will kick off with a keynote panel of experts, who will weigh in on the current state of the far right in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. This event will be followed by a reception and is FREE and open to the public. Please check the conference website to register.

Friday, April 26 | 5:00-7:00pm | 370 Dwinelle Hall
This event will begin by screening the highly acclaimed PBS Frontline special “Documenting Hate: Charlottesville” followed by a panel discussion regarding the resurgence of white supremacist groups in the US and abroad. The panel will feature ProPublica and Frontline lead investigative journalist and producer, A.C. Thompson, along with two other panelists who will share their insights about the factors leading to this resurgence and what can be done to counter contemporary hate groups. This event is FREE and open to the public. Please check the conference website to register.

Friday, April 26 | 9am-4:30pm
Saturday, April 27 | 9am-4:45pm
Panel presentations featuring leading scholars from around the world. If you plan to attend panel presentations, please check the conference website for locations and registration links., 510-642-0813