Decolonizing World History

Lecture | March 14 | 3:30-5 p.m. |  The Shorb House

 2547 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94601

 DR. ENRIQUE DUSSEL, National Autonomous University of Mexico

 The Latinx Research Center, Chicana Studies Program

Join the Latinx Research Center and the Chicana/o Studies Program in hosting two historical events with a major Latin American and Third World intellectual. Dr. Enrique Dussel is an early critic of Eurocentric philosophy produced in the West and has become an invaluable archive to intellectuals of the global  "south," and people of color throughout the United States.

Throughout his career, Dussel has sought to open a space for articulating new possibilities for humanity out of, and in light of, the suffering, dignity, and creative drive of those who have been excluded from Western Modernity and neoliberal rationalism. Grounded in engagement with the oppressed, his thinking has figured prominently in philosophy, political theory, and liberation movements around the world.

In his lecture, Dr. Dussel will present an alternative version of world history, decolonizing the dominant narrative by avoiding its classic Eurocentric structuring (Antiquity, Middle Ages and Modernity). This re-conceptualizing of our past will shed light on current global crisis as the United States struggles with losing its global hegemony. 

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World-renowned decolonialist and a founder of Liberation Philosophy,Dr. Dussel visits us from UNAM in Mexico!