Andean Studies Conference, Day 2: Institute for Andean Studies

Conference/Symposium | January 5 | 8:30 a.m.-10 p.m. | 160 Kroeber Hall

 John Rick, President, Institute for Andean Studies

 Institute of Andean Studies

A Map of Locations Relevant to the Meeting is available.

The program begins on FRIDAY (Day 1 of 2) provided in a separate posting.

SATURDAY MORNING, January 5, 2019

María Cecilia Lozada, Danny Zborover, Erika Simborth, Hans Barnard
Corral Redondo: A diachronic perspective of a ritual center in the
Ocoña River drainage of southern Peru

Randall Haas, Luis Flores, Bryna Hull, Nathaniel Kitchel, Trisha
McNeill, Billy Matthews, Jennifer Chen, Rachel Paul, Carlos Sanluis,
Carlos Viviano
Preliminary investigations of archaeological vicuña drives on the
Andean Altiplano

Rodrigo Areche Espinola
Evidences of accounting from Huacones – Vilcahuasi, Cañete, Peru

Mariusz Ziólkowski, Jacek Kosciuk
Coricancha, Punchao and 3D laser scanning


Poster session, 120 Kroeber Hall


Jacob L. Bongers
Local mortuary practice and Inca imperial conquest in the middle
Chincha Valley, Peru: Continuity, change, and innovation

Dagmara Socha, Ruddy Perea Chavez
Capacocha from Misti: Anthropological analysis of human sacrifices

Georgi Kyorlenski
Thinking outside the aribalo – Linguistic and ethnohistoric
insights into Inca ontology

Gabriel Ramón
Illustrating the Andean precolonial past: the case of Jorge Zegarra Galdós

Nicole M. Slovak, John W. Rick
Investigating historic-period burials at Chavín de Huántar, Peru
using radiogenic strontium isotope analysis

Catherine Covey
Waking the puma: Urban planning and historical disorder in
contemporary Cusco, Peru

SATURDAY EVENING (Open to the public)

Peter R. Fuchs, Renate Patzschke, Jesus Briceño R.
Archaeology and ritual at Sechin Bajo, Casma, Peru


President’s reception at the Archaeological Research Facility


Adan Choqque Arce
Hombres y paisaje en el Intermedio Tardío del sur andino:
Perspectivas del simbolismo de las geoformas desde el valle del

Aubree Gabbard, Christine Pink, Aubree Rebecca Bria, Emily Sharp
Juvenile age estimation in a highly commingled assemblage at Hualcayán

Patricia J. Knobloch, Elizabeth Gibbon, Justin Jennings
Who goes there? Social network analysis (SNA) of Middle Horizon (MH) identity

Brandon Maxey, Christine Pink, Emily Sharp, Rebecca Bria
Sexual dimorphism in femora from commingled mortuary contexts at Hualcayán

Donna Nash
Polishing piedras: Prestige lapidary from Cerro Baúl

Breidy Ivan Quispe Vilcahuaman
Estimation of diet and mobility at the archaeological site of Arhuaturo, Peru

Beth Koontz Scaffidi, Kelly Knudson
The Andean Paleomobility Unification (APU) Project: Strontium and
Oxygen isoscapes from skeletal data and field data collection

Sylwia Siemianowska, Maciej Sobczyk
Between ceremony and daily life: The Inca and local pottery from
the religious and administrative center of Maucallacta-Pampacolca,

Lauren Terry, Christine Pink, Emily Sharp, Rebecca Bria
Identifying patterns of sexual dimorphism in commingled
assemblages: A pilot study using the proximal tibia

Casto Vocal, Kampat Anarwat, Tom Baldwin, Emily Harrison, Robert
James, Petric Marcinkowski, Jack Porthouse
Tiwanaku Valley Virtual Reality Visualization Project

Kenneth R. Wright, Ruth M. Wright
Moray: A ceremonial site

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