Exhibit Opening: Does Dog Have a Buddha Nature?

Exhibit - Multimedia | October 11 | 5-7 p.m. |  Hearst Museum of Anthropology

 Liza Dalby

 Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, Center for Japanese Studies (CJS)

Come join us to help celebrate the opening of Does Dog Have a Buddha Nature?, an exhibition hosted in the lobby of Kroeber Hall in collaboration with curator Liza Dalby and the Center for Japanese Studies at UC Berkeley.

Does a dog have buddha nature?

Jōshū replied "MU!"

Inspired by this well-known Zen kōan, the MU KORABO (Mu Collaboration) project has joined calligraphy and art produced by an international range of artists in non-conventional renditions of the traditional Asian hanging scroll and sculptures in various media.

Mu, “nothingness,” lies at the heart of Buddhism. The character for mu is a favorite of calligraphers. It can be written in many styles, ranging from straight and clear to cursive and abstract. In this project, the dog represents the seeking self. The full moon is the Buddhist symbol of enlightenment.