SOLD OUT - Trees of the UC Berkeley Campus Walk

Tour/Open House | November 14 | 10 a.m.-12 p.m. | UC Berkeley Campus, Springer Gateway

 Botanical Garden

This tour will seek out the best of Berkeley’s fall colors as we use visiting the most notable campus trees as a framework for our walk. As we enjoy the diversity of species, you may learn a bit of history about the development of the campus and a few stories about the people and circumstances behind the plantings, the named groves, landmarks and memorial trees. It seems like every tree has a story. We might even talk about a building or two.

The walk will be a long loop starting at the Springer Gateway at 10 AM. Springer Gateway is the small plaza west of the entrance kiosk at the top of the Crescent Drive. Bring your walking shoes and watch the weather report.


JIM HORNER - B.A. Landscape Architecture ‘71, UC Berkeley

As Campus Landscape Architect, Horner provided leadership in site planning, design and landscape construction at UC Berkeley for 18 years; now retired.

He co-authored the Landscape Master Plan in 2004, helped prepare the Landscape Heritage Plan in 2005 and co-authored the “Trees of the Berkeley Campus” in 2016.

Notable contributions during his tenure at Berkeley include improved accessibility, night safety lighting, and management of projects at Memorial Glade, the Center Street entrance, Sproul Plaza, Spieker Plaza, Edwards Track, restoration of the the Mining Circle, and renovation of Sather Gate and the Campanile Esplanade.

He received the Chancellor’s Distinguished Service Award in 2015.

Prior to UC Berkeley, Horner enjoyed private practice in the Bay Area for 12 years and before that was a landscape architect with the U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service for 13 years.

Horner was raised in Berkeley and studied forestry at Humboldt State before transferring to UC Berkeley in landscape architecture. During his student years he augmented his study of plants at Berkeley Horticultural Nursery.

 $20 / $15 UCBG Member or UC Affiliate,  // The book "Trees of the UC Berkeley Campus" can be purchased in advance for $25


Olive (Olea europa) at Giannini Hall. This tree was planted in the late 1800's where Giannini Hall now stands, and was later moved to this location.