Basic Needs Security Fitness Workshop: Nutrition Week

Workshop | March 14 | 5-6:30 p.m. | Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union, Stiles Hall Conference Room (basement)

 Alvin Yu, UC Berkeley Basic Needs Security Committee

 UC Berkeley Basic Needs Security Committee

The Fitness Workshop will be hosted by BNS member, Alvin Yu. The purpose of our workshop is to provide motivation and inspiration to those tentative about working out or who could use some direction in beginning exercise. We plan to have a fun, interactive environment in which participants listen to Berkeley students with different interests in fitness (running, pilates, taekwondo, IM sports), make their own smoothies with provided ingredients, engage in a pilates demo, and talk about their concerns and hopes for exercise in small groups! We will also be providing free gatorade and Cliff Bars, along with access to the different types of smoothies made during the workshop. Hope to see you there! #soylent #gatorade #bars #smoothies, 5103359838