Reconstructing Historical Locations in the 1795 Louisiana Slave Conspiracy

Seminar | November 30 | 1:10-2 p.m. | 103 Mulford Hall

 Patty Frontiera

 Geospatial Innovation Facility

This week’s speaker is Patty Frontiera, who will be discussing her work on the “Louisiana Slave Conspiracies” digital humanities project. This is a multidisciplinary research project dedicated to preserving, digitizing, transcribing, translating, and analyzing manuscripts from three Louisiana slave conspiracies. The LSC team is building a digital archive that will present these French and Spanish manuscripts alongside original transcription and English translation. Patty’s work on the project involves developing a geographic database of key locations to help explore questions about the spatial organization of social relations and the circulation of ideas in these conspiracies. These geographic data will also be used to create interactive historical maps that will provide place-based access to the digital archive.