Tofu Hackathon with Hodo Soy

Special Event | November 18 | 10 a.m.-4 p.m. | I-lab Haas School of Business

 Hodo Soy, Chipotle, Sweetgreen, Ladera Foods, KIND

Partnering with Hodo Soy, this year’s FoodInno Hackathon will explore marketing tofu and yuba in the United States - specifically, Hodo's artisanal and innovative products. As Hodo Founder Minh Tsai quips, "tofu is the original plant-based protein, with 2,000 years of culinary development and ideas for using this ingredient." When produced as Hodo makes it, tofu is pure, minimally processed, and delicious. In Asia, it is a versatile, everyday staple ingredient - not just a meat substitute and not just for vegetarian dishes. Yet its short history and introduction in the United States is more complicated. We'll consider all this in the context of today's food trends: Plant-based, sustainable, clean and flexitarian eating, along with a surge in chefs and home cooks exploring ingredients with Asian origins, and experimenting with them in dishes with roots in Western cuisines and from around the world.
We will brainstorm strategies for this Oakland-based company tomake their next move to introduce their delicious, flavorful, handmade tofu to new target audiences. You will be in teams of 4-6 to tackle the challenge with the help of industry professionals as mentors throughout the hacking time, and finally deliver a final pitch of your proposal to a panel of judges, including Hodo Founder Minh Tsai. Join others at the event to form a team, or you can also sign up with friends as a group.
We will have FREE Chipotle burritos and Sweetgreen salads for lunch, both starring Hodo Soy products, as well as snack sponsors like Ladera foods throughout the day!

 $5 non-UCB,  $0 UC Berkeley students/staff/faculty

  Registration opens October 26. Register online or by calling Hailey Zhou at 9405358682, or by emailing Hailey Zhou at by November 18, 5107421828