ULAB student group hosts the "Quintessential (STEM) Research Workshop"

Workshop | September 16 | 3-5 p.m. | Unit 3 Residence Hall, Unit 3 APR

 ULAB student group

RSSP is collaborating with ULAB to run our first ever “Quintessential (STEM) Research Workshop”.

We will bring organizations throughout campus to…
- provide a detailed overview of research programs on campus
- run guided researcher discovery activity to identify research labs and programs that fit your academic goals
- a mock application panel with real past applications to help you identify how to write good apps

Furthermore, you get to decide who comes! Based on your interests, we will bring:
- personalized advisors related to your field to provide further counseling on your research career. We have connections that range from physics researchers studying black holes to medical researchers studying disease on the brain to much more!
- speakers to tell “research war stories” about life working in the labs
- speakers to give technical talks related to your field

RSVP and vote for what types of advisors, talks, and other presentations you want to see today!