Getting Started with Savio: Introductory Training for Savio, the campus Linux computing cluster

Workshop | September 19 | 3:40-5 p.m. | 117 Dwinelle Hall

 Christopher Paciorek, Statistical Computing Consultant, Department of Statistics and Berkeley Research Computing; Debra Mccaffrey, Domain Consultant, Berkeley Research Computing

 Berkeley Research Computing

Berkeley Research Computing is offering an introductory training session on using Savio, the campus Linux high-performance computing cluster. We'll give an overview of how the cluster is set up, different ways you can get access to the cluster, logging in, transferring files, accessing software on the system, and submitting and monitoring jobs.

There are no prerequisites, but it will be helpful to have a Savio account that you are able to log in to and to have a little bit of familiarity with using a UNIX-style command line (e.g., the Terminal on a Mac, or using the Linux command line).


  Register online, 510-642-9056