Bringing the Outside In: An Introduction to Principles of Chabana

Workshop | September 17 | 10-11:30 a.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

The great tea master Sen no Rikkyu gave us many gifts in the creation of the tea ceremony. Among the most accesible is the art called 'chabana' or tea flowers. The simple principles of this delightful art form with be taught in a single, hands on session so that you can enjoy this naturalistic beauty in your own space. Led by ceramic sculptor, tea and ikebana practioner Barbara Stevens Strauss ( we will use garden flowers and small vases to create arrangements during the workshop. You will leave with the ability to arrange simple flowers and enhance your environment without the years of training usually required by these intricate Japanese art forms. Bring your own small vase as well- and carry exquisite beauty home!

About the Instructor:
Barbara Stevens Strauss first received formal studio training as an undergraduate with Abstract Expressionist Vera Klement at the University of Chicago. While living in Florida, creating ceramic sculpture using the raku method of firing became a consuming interest. After relocating to Oakland in 2003, she continued her ikebana studies with the Bay Area master Soho Sakai.. Searching for a place to practice Zen which she had begun in to study in Florida, she found a small authentic Japanese temple in the Rockridge area called Kojin-an, of which she is now a long-time member. She also became a tea ceremony student in the Omotesenke school. These associations, recently including the study of calligraphy, have profoundly influenced her work.

Strauss has given workshops introducing ikebana and chabana (tea ceremony flowers). In 2013, she created a large-scale outdoor ikebana installation at the Oakland Museum. In February of 2016, she was selected as the Featured Artist of the month by the Berkeley Art Center.

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