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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Reining in Online Abuses

Lecture | September 5 | 4:10-5:30 p.m. | 202 South Hall

 Hany Farid

 Information, School of

Online platforms today are being used in deplorably diverse ways. How can technology companies allow the free flow of ideas while reining in abuses?

Dancing in a Posthuman World: Material Bodies and New Alliances

Lecture | September 5 | 7-9 p.m. | Stephens Hall, Geballe Room, 220 Stephens Hall

 Marta Segarra, Research Professor, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France; Professor of Gender Studies and French Studies at Universitat de Barcelona, Spain; Visiting Scholar, the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs, UC Berkeley

 The Program in Critical Theory

Marta Segarra’s lecture will consider how some beings are relegated to the external margins of the community and reduced to an anonymous mass, which is often more related to animality than to humanity. From an ecofeminist and posthuman perspective, it will also examine the possibility of a reformulation of the human community beyond the “family.” It will focus on how new kinship, understood as...   More >

Marta Segarra

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Research Computing in Support of Archaeological Investigations at UC Berkeley

Lecture | September 6 | 12-1 p.m. | 101 2251 College (Archaeological Research Facility)

 Nicholas Tripcevich, University of California, Berkeley Archaeological Research Facility; Chris Hoffman, University of California, Berkeley Research IT; Aaron Culich, University of California, Berkeley Research IT

 Archaeological Research Facility

This talk presents overview of changes in research support and several examples that demonstrate how research computing technologies are being applied to archaeological research on campus.

Designing San Francisco: with Alison Isenberg (History, Princeton)

Lecture | September 6 | 5-6:30 p.m. | Wurster Hall, Wurster Gallery

 Alison Isenberg, Professor of History and Co-Director, History and the Princeton-Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities

 Global Urban Humanities, Department of History, Arts Research Center

The Global Urban Humanities Initiative, Department of History, and the Arts Research Center are pleased to welcome Alison Isenberg, Professor of History and Co-Director of the Princeton Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism, & the Humanities. She will present her new book titled, Designing San Francisco.


 http://globalurbanhumanities.berkeley.edu/events/alison-isenberg-princeton-mellon-initiative-colloquium-talk. Registration opens August 1. Register online or by calling Tina Novero at 510-664-4077, or by emailing Tina Novero at globalurbanhumanities@berkeley.edu by September 6.

Designing San Francisco by Alison Isenberg

ARCH Lecture: Frida Escobedo

Lecture | September 6 | 6:30-8 p.m. | 112 Wurster Hall

 College of Environmental Design

WED, SEPT 6, 6:30pm. Frieda Escobedo is the fall 2017 Howard A. Friedman Visiting Professor of Practice in Architecture.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Turning big corpora into big data – Digital Humanities at scale

Lecture | September 7 | 12-1 p.m. | 200C Warren Hall

 Adam Anderson, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Humanities

 Social Sciences Data Lab

Adam Anderson, a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Humanities at UC Berkeley, has spent his career scanning texts in order to draw upon secondary literature in archaeology and computational linguistics. He'll describe the OCR project he is working on (described in this article), as well as how he intends to utilize the generated data: "My plan is to use a combination of analytical tools,...   More >

Documenting Torture: Pitfalls and Challenges: A Talk by Dr. HernÁn Reyes

Lecture | September 7 | 2-3 p.m. | 545 Li Ka Shing Center

 Hernan Reyes, International Committee of the Red Cross

 Human Rights Center, Center for Global Public Health

Hernán Reyes, MD, is an obstetrician and gynecologist and was medical coordinator for the International Committee of the Red Cross, specializing in prison health and medical ethics. Dr. Reyes documented prison health as well as ill-treatment, human rights violations, and torture for the ICRC in more than 45 countries around the world during his 28 years with the institution Dr. Reyes has taught...   More >

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IRLE Fall Reception: Featuring Professor Daniel Schneider on Unstable Work Schedules in Retail

Lecture | September 7 | 4-6 p.m. | 2521 Channing Way (Inst. for Res. on Labor & Employment), IRLE Director's Room

 Daniel Schneider, UC Berkeley Sociology

 Institute of Research on Labor & Employment

It’s no secret that the American labor market is increasingly unequal for workers. While work for the highest earners yields ever-higher returns, work at the bottom is becoming more and more unpredictable and insecure. In addition to low wages, short tenure, few benefits, and non-standard hours, workers specifically in retail and food service often face schedules that are unstable and...   More >

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“The Crown Jewel of our Realm:” The Forgotten Story of Künzang Chöling, a Tibetan Buddhist Nunnery in Nepal

Lecture | September 7 | 5-6:30 p.m. | Wheeler Hall, Maude Fife Room, 315

 Charles Ramble, École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris

 Center for Buddhist Studies

In Nepal’s Mustang District, on the right bank of the Kali Gandaki river facing the large settlement of Tshug, is a low hill known as Gompa Gang, the “convent ridge”. Standing on the ridge are the ruins of a Buddhist site, Künzang Chöling, whose dilapidated condition belies the fact that it features the finest example of Nyingmapa mural art outside Tibet. Until recently, nothing else was known...   More >

Food and History: Katie Parla on Southern Italy

Lecture | September 7 | 5-6:30 p.m. | 370 Dwinelle Hall

 Katie Parla, http://katieparla.com/

 Department of Italian Studies

Katie Parla, Italian food journalist and author of Tase of Rome (IACP Award Winner for Best International Cookbook 2017), joins us to discuss the history and complexity of Southern Italian cuisine.

Ejaz Hussain | Neither Transition nor Transformation: Hybridization of Civil-Military Relations in Contemporary Pakistan

Lecture | September 7 | 5-7 p.m. | Stephens Hall, 10 (ISAS Conference Room)

 Ejaz Hussain, Independent political and defence analyst

 Munis Faruqui, Sarah Kailath Professor of India Studies and Associate Professor in the Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies

 Institute for South Asia Studies, The Berkeley Pakistan Initiative

Talk by Independent political and defense analyst from Pakistan, Ejaz Hussain

Friday, September 8, 2017

Learning Spaces: An Introduction to Performative Pedagogy

Lecture | September 8 | 3-5 p.m. | Dwinelle Hall, B-4 (Classroom side)

 Susanne Even, Clinical Associate Professor, Indiana University Bloomington

 Berkeley Language Center

All of us perform multiple roles in our normal daily lives without necessarily being aware of it. But when it comes to learning another language, ‘normality’ is suspended: learners enter a different world they cannot navigate as easily due to less developed lexical, structural and pragmatic knowledge. To improve foreign language skills, teachers employ grammar, communication and activity-oriented...   More >

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Career Clinic: Finding A New Career Direction: Steps to Finding Work You Love

Lecture | September 9 | 9 a.m.-12 p.m. | UC Berkeley Extension (SF Campus at 160 Spear St.), Room 504

 Rebecca Andersen, Career Services at the UC Berkeley Information School; RuthAnn Haffke, UC Berkeley School of Public Health

 UC Berkeley Extension

Do you feel like you are in a rut in your career and long to do something that feels more fulfilling, even if you have no idea what that might be? Do you know you're in the wrong job but feel stuck by fear or self-doubt when you think about trying to make a change?

This workshop is tailored to help you find direction and outline steps to find (and achieve!) work you love.

In advance of the...   More >


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