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Friday, September 20, 2019

Music Studies Colloquium: AMS Preview I

Colloquium | September 20 | 128 Morrison Hall

 Department of Music

Desmond Sheehan (UC Berkeley)
"Music, Knowledge, and the Ethics of Reduction in the German Enlightenment”

Edmund Mendelssohn (UC Berkeley)
“The Ontology of the Ineffable: Bergson, Satie, and Music of the Cubist Decade”

Tarrying with the Irreparable: A Workshop in Conversation with Kader Attia’s Arts of Repair

Workshop | September 20 | 9 a.m.-6:30 p.m. | 220 Stephens Hall

 Kader Attia, Artist, MATRIX; Stefania Pandolfo, Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley; Momar Guèye, Psychiatrist-Psychoanalyst, Fann Hospital, Dakar; Jalil Bennani, Psychoanalyst; Anneka Lenssen, Professor, Art History, University of California, Berkeley; Soraya Tlatli, Professor, French, University of California, Berkeley; Samera Esmeir, Professor, Rhetoric, University of California, Berkeley; Emily Ng, University of Amsterdam; Said Shehadeh, Birzeit University; Natalia Brizuela, Film & Media, Spanish and Portuguese, University of California, Berkeley; Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli, Film Studies, University of California, Davis; David Marriott, Philosophy, Black Studies, Pennsylvania State University; Peter Skafish, ISCI, University of California, Berkeley

 Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Townsend Center for the Humanities, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Conceived in conversation with Algerian-French artist Kader Attia, this academic workshop engages with many primary themes of Attia’s work, reflecting on trauma and loss, war and colonization, madness and possession, and, the contemporary, virtual form of haunting. It takes as its point of departure Attia’s ideas about repair, which is always entangled with the irreparable, and made present in...   More >

Tarrying with the Irreparable: Trauma and Kader Attia's Arts of Repair

Workshop | September 20 | 9 a.m.-6:30 p.m. | Stephens Hall, Geballe Room, room 220

 Kader Attia, French Artist

 Stefania Pandolfo, Professor, Anthropology

 Townsend Center for the Humanities, Department of Anthropology, Arts Research Center, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Center for Race and Gender, Department of History of Art

This workshop is conceived in conversation with Algerian-French artist Kader Attia, and in relation to his exhibition on view at BAMPFA. It will
engage with many primary themes of Attia’s work, reflecting on trauma and loss, war, colonization, madness and possession, the dead and ghostly, and, the contemporary, virtual form of haunting. It takes its point of departure from Attia’s idea of...   More >

Botanical Illustration: Edibles and Herbs with Catherine Watters

Workshop | September 19 – 20, 2019 every day | 10 a.m.-4 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

This two-day class will focus on edible plants and herbs and introduce you to the fascinating world of Botanical Art. Catherine Watters will teach you to observe, measure and draw plants in great detail and with botanical accuracy. Students will work with graphite, colored pencil and watercolors. All levels are welcome.

$190, $175 members

  Register online or by calling 510-664-7606

Essig Brunch Seminar

Seminar | September 20 | 10-11 a.m. | 1101 Valley Life Sciences Building

 Allison Hansen, University of California Riverside

 Entomology, Essig Museum of

A weekly seminar series run by the Entomology Students Organization featuring local and visiting researchers presenting a wide range of entomology-related topics. Open to the public.

Buddhist Philosophy: The State of the Field

Conference/Symposium | September 20 | 10 a.m.-7 p.m. | Alumni House, Toll Room

 Center for Buddhist Studies

A conference to honor the Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai's invaluable contributions to the field of Buddhist Studies, as well as to reflect upon issues in the study of Buddhist philosophy.

Integral Taiji and Qigong

Workshop | September 20 | 11 a.m.-12 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

You are invited to participate in Integral Taiji & Qigong classes at the UC Botanical Garden. Our classes will focus on somatic, psycho-spiritual, ecological, and cosmological dimensions of taiji (tai chi) and qigong.

Free with Garden Admission

  Register online

Docent-led tour

Tour/Open House | January 3 – December 29, 2019 every Sunday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday with exceptions | 1:30-2:45 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

Join us for a free, docent-led tour of the Garden as we explore interesting plants from around the world, learn about the vast diversity in the collection, and see what is currently in bloom. Meet at the Entry Plaza.

Free with Garden admission. Advanced registration not required

Engineering Electronic States, Energy Transfer and Disorder in Nanomaterials Through the External Environment: Nano Seminar Series

Seminar | September 20 | 2-3 p.m. | 120 Latimer Hall

 Dr. Archana Raja, Staff Scientist, LBNL Molecular Foundry

 Berkeley Nanosciences and Nanoengineering Institute

There is a rich variety of nanostructures available today for the design of novel material systems and interfaces with tailor-made functionalities.
I will show that the local environment strongly influences their electronic and excitonic states, corresponding disorder, dephasing processes and transport of energy.

Student Probability/PDE Seminar: KPZ Universality and Determinantal Processes IV

Seminar | September 20 | 2:10-3:30 p.m. | 891 Evans Hall

 Fraydoun Rezakhanlou, UC Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) universality has been rigorously verified for a number of exactly solvable models such as Hammersley-Aldous-Diaconis and exclusion processes. A key ingredient for this verification is a determinantal type representation for the correlation function. In these lectures I give an overview of the existing results and present a direct and simple proof of the determinantal...   More >

MENA Salon: The Israeli Elections

Workshop | September 20 | 3-4 p.m. | 340 Stephens Hall

 Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Every Friday the CMES hosts an informal guided discussion of current events in the Middle East and North Africa, open to all.

Although Israel held elections just six months ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s inability to form a coalition government due to tensions between ultra-Orthodox and secular parties has forced Israel to hold another election on 17 September. While Netanayhu,...   More >

Scaling Cybersecurity Support for Civil Society

Seminar | September 20 | 3:10-5 p.m. | 107 South Hall

 Sean Brooks

 Information, School of

How the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurityâs Citizen Clinic is combating sophisticated attacks from governments, hate groups, terrorists, and multinational corporations.

Earl L. Muetterties Lecture: Homogeneous Catalysis for Organic Synthesis and Polymer Synthesis

Seminar | September 20 | 4-5 p.m. | 120 Latimer Hall

 Kyoko Nozaki, Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, The University of Tokyo

 College of Chemistry

In order to avoid the formation of undesired by-products, development of catalytic reactions affording the desired compound as a sole product is highly desired. We have developed catalysts applicable for small molecules and macromolecules. The former is recognized as organic synthesis which finds its applications as intermediates for fine chemicals while the latter are widely used in bulk...   More >

War and Peace, Part III: The Year 1812

Film - Feature | September 20 | 4 p.m. |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

 Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

In Part III of War and Peace, the emphasis is on the war: it is 1812 and Napoleon’s armies are crossing into Russia. Nobles discuss politics at their opulent tables as violence rages elsewhere. Pierre visits the battlefield as a casual observer and finds himself in the midst of chaos, while Andrei rediscovers his love of life through yet another brush with death. Bondarchuk moves between the...   More >

Help (Not) Wanted: Immigration Politics in Japan

Colloquium | September 20 | 4-6 p.m. | 180 Doe Library

 Michael Strausz, Texas Christian University

 Steven Vogel, UC Berkeley

 Center for Japanese Studies (CJS)

Why has Japan’s immigration policy remained so restrictive, especially in light of economic, demographic, and international political forces that are pushing Japan to admit more immigrants? In this presentation, Strausz will argue that Japan’s immigration policy has remained restrictive for two reasons. First, Japan’s labor-intensive businesses have failed to defeat anti-immigration forces within...   More >

Logic Colloquium: Foundations of Online Structure Theory

Colloquium | September 20 | 4-5 p.m. | 60 Evans Hall

 Rod Downey, Victoria University of Wellington

 Department of Mathematics

You are in a situation were you are given information in bundles one at a time, and you must make some kind of decision based on what you have seen so far. For example, you are packing objects into bins. You are in an online situation. I will look at some work trying to give a model theory to such situations.

Student 3-Manifold Seminar: The Tait conjectures (cont'd)

Seminar | September 20 | 4:10-5:30 p.m. | 732 Evans Hall | Note change in location

 Kyle Miller, UC Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

We will continue last week's discussion of the proof of Tait's conjecture about reduced alternating knot diagrams having minimal crossing number and its generalization to adequate knot diagrams.

Student Arithmetic Geometry Seminar: Lifting twisted K3 surfaces to characteristic $0$.

Seminar | September 20 | 4:10-5 p.m. | 891 Evans Hall

 Daniel Bragg, UC Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

Deligne showed that every $K3$ surface over a field of positive characteristic lifts to characteristic $0$. We will explain how to prove the same result for a twisted $K3$ surface, the most interesting case being when the characteristic divides the order of the Brauer class.

Visa Tech Talk

Information Session | September 20 | 5:30-7 p.m. | Soda Hall, Wozniak Lounge (Room 430)

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

You+Visa is everywhere you want to be. Do you want to impact the world through payment technology?

Come meet some engineers from Visa! Learn about how engineers are impacting the payments industry day-to-day and individuals around the world through security and innovation.

To begin to mark your mark at Visa, apply to vi.sa/apply.

Food will be served!

And Life Goes On...: (Zendegi va digar hich),(Life and Nothing More)

Film - Feature | September 20 | 7 p.m. |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

 Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

In the aftermath of the 1990 earthquake in northern Iran that killed some fifty thousand people, Kiarostami returned to the setting of Where Is the Friend’s Home? seeking to find out the fate of his nonprofessional child stars. In the devastated landscape, expecting to find death, Kiarostami found life, and proceeded to transform it into cinema. A filmmaker and his son go along the destroyed...   More >

Mark Morris Dance Group: Mozart Dances

Performing Arts - Dance | September 20 | 8-10 p.m. |  Zellerbach Hall

 Cal Performances

More than a decade after its West Coast premiere in Cal Performances’ 2007–08 season Mark Morris’ Mozart Dances returns to Zellerbach Hall. Morris’ choreography is set to three Mozart piano works—the Piano Concerto No. 11 in F major, K. 413; the Sonata for Two Pianos in D major, K. 448; and the Piano Concerto No. 27 in B-flat major, K. 595. The music is performed by the Berkeley Symphony...   More >

$42-148 (prices subject to change)

  Tickets go on sale August 6. Buy tickets online or by calling 5106429988, or by emailing tickets@calperformances.org

Mark Morris Dance Group performs Mozart Dances Friday–Sunday, September 20–22, 2019 in Zellerbach Hall.

Exhibits and Ongoing Events

The Life and Career of Kaneji Domoto

Exhibit - Multimedia | August 19 – December 16, 2019 every day | 210 Wurster Hall

 Environmental Design, College of

This exhibition explores the complex story behind the only American Japanese architect and landscape architect at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian community, in Westchester County, New York in 1944.

Photographs by Ken Light: American Stories

Exhibit - Photography | August 28, 2019 – May 15, 2020 every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday | Stephens Hall, Townsend Center, 220 Stephens

 Townsend Center for the Humanities, Journalism, Graduate School of

In an exhibition of selected works from the past five decades, documentary photographer Ken Light probes social and political issues in America.

 Viewing hours are generally Monday-Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. The exhibit is located in a space also used for events. Please contact the Townsend Center to confirm availability.

The Languages of Berkeley: An Online Exhibition

Exhibit - Multimedia | September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2020 every day |  Free Speech Movement Cafe (Moffitt Library)

 Library, Berkeley Language Center

Celebrates the magnificent diversity of languages that advance research, teaching, and learning at the University of California, Berkeley. It is the point of embarkation for an exciting sequential exhibit that will build on one post per week, showcasing an array of digitized works in the original language chosen by those who work with these languages on a daily basis - librarians, professors,...   More >

The Languages of Berkeley: An Online Exhibition

Exhibit - Multimedia | September 20 – 21, 2019 every day |  Free Speech Movement Cafe (Moffitt Library)


Celebrates the magnificent diversity of languages that advance research, teaching, and learning at the University of California, Berkeley. It is the point of embarkation for an exciting sequential exhibit that will build on one post per week, showcasing an array of digitized works in the original language chosen by those who work with these languages on a daily basis - librarians, professors,...   More >

Power and the People: The U.S. Census and Who Counts

Exhibit - Artifacts | September 16, 2019 – March 1, 2020 every day | Doe Library, Bernice Layne Brown Gallery


Since 1790, the U.S. Census has impacted many aspects of our lives. It determines congressional apportionment, decides which communities receive a slice of $500,000,000,000 in federal funds, and provides information essential to policy making. Census questions also reflect the beliefs, concerns and prejudices of their time, starting with the first census which mandated that enslaved people be...   More >

Power to the People

You Are On Indian Land: There There (On the Same Page 2019): An Exhibit of Library Collections relating to the Native American community of Oakland

Exhibit - Multimedia | August 26 – December 31, 2019 every day | Moffitt Undergraduate Library, 3rd floor


Tommy Orange's debut novel, There There, is this year's On the Same Page program reading. The entire campus community is encouraged to read the book and participate in classes and events this Fall.

“Orange’s debut is an ambitious meditation on identity and its broken alternatives, on myth filtered through the lens of time and poverty and urban life. Its many short chapters are told through a...   More >

 Show UCB ID to enter Moffitt Library

Pleasure, Poison, Prescription, Prayer: The Worlds of Mind-Altering Substances

Exhibit - Artifacts | March 15 – December 15, 2019 every Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday | 11 a.m.-5 p.m. |  Hearst Museum of Anthropology

 Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology

If you sip a cup of coffee, are you on drugs? If you try psychedelics, are you committing a crime? If you have a sweet tooth, are you a sugar addict?

Since the beginning of human existence, peoples of the world have altered their minds with countless plant-based substances. They have done so for many reasons, ranging from pleasure to health to ceremony, with effects both harmful and benign,...   More >

Art Wall: Carlos Amorales

Exhibit - Painting | March 27 – October 13, 2019 every Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday | 11 a.m.-7 p.m. |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

 Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

In this new commission for the BAMPFA Art Wall, entitled Ghost Demonstration, Amorales draws from the multiple histories of mural art in Mexico, the political demonstrations that occurred in Berkeley in the 1960s (as well as more recent events), and protests in the United Kingdom in the 1980s. In order to make this monumental mural, the artist used stencils of slogans from Berkeley protest...   More >