A Life Course Framework for Improving the Lives of Boys and Young Men of Color

Panel Discussion | January 27 | 4-5:30 p.m. | 116 Haviland Hall

 Social Welfare, School of

Arnold L. Chandler is an advocate, researcher, trainer and social change strategist who for more than 17 years has helped nonprofits and foundations develop evidence-informed strategies to advance programs and policies focused on social and economic equity. He is the co-founder of Forward Change Consulting based in Oakland, California.

Ignacio Ferrey is a long-time Father Corps member who brings his wealth of knowledge, passion, and experience to this presentation.

This presentation provides a holistic analytic framework and a strategic canvas for improving the life outcomes for males of color. Key elements of the presentation include:

A survey of research charting economic, criminal justice, family and socio-ecological changes in the U.S. over the past forty years that helps articulate how race, gender and place intersect in ways that drive disparate life outcomes for males of color.

Using a visual life course approach, the framework demonstrates: 1) how well-being is a consequence of multiple interacting determinants; 2) that different trajectories of well-being are the product of cumulative risk, protective factors and other influences over one's lifetime; and, 3) how the timing and sequence of experiences influences the development and life outcomes of both individuals and populations

The framework considers the inter-generational implications of this approach and outlines principles for applying collaborative strategies to improve population-level outcomes for males of color.

 socialwelfare@berkeley.edu, 510-642-5063