Port Triumph screening

Film - Documentary | November 25 | 7-9 p.m. | 160 Kroeber Hall

 Jeffrey Gould, History Department, Indiana University Bloomington

 Department of History, Center for Latin American Studies

During the 1970s, El Salvador boasted a vast shrimp
industry, and nearly all of the 3700 tons that it
exported each year made its way to the United States.
As shrimp was transitioning away from luxury status, few
Americans were likely to give much thought to how the
shrimp reached their plates. Fewer still would ever have
heard of the story of Puerto el Triunfo—Port Triumph in
English—and the drama of the shrimp industry’s rise and
fall. Yet now, with consciousness of food at an all-time high,
and concerns about fair trade and sustainability much on
the public mind, it is time to tell this remarkable story.
Puerto el Triunfo is a microcosm that throws into sharp
relief some of the most powerful forces shaping Central
America, and more broadly, the obstacles facing organized
labor world-wide.

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