BERC's 2019 Resource Symposium: Resilient Cities: sponsored by ERA

Conference/Symposium | November 22 | 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. | Haas School of Business, Chou Hall, Spieker Forum (6th floor)

 Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative

Each year BERC hosts our flagship fall event, Resource Symposium, a half-day event that brings together professionals, policymakers, and academics on critical resource-related topics. This year we are thrilled to announce the Fall 2019 theme of Resilient Cities, sponsored by the Environmental Resilience Accelerator, which will explore challenges and solutions related to resource security, water scarcity, disaster resilience, and the built environment. A light breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Resource Symposium will take place at UC Berkeley on Friday, November 22nd from 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM and is open to the general public. We will begin the day with a panel of experts to provide a theoretical context for the theme followed by professionals presenting real-world solutions in the four key topic areas. The entire program will develop a broad understanding of the global challenge, with deep insights into business and economic resilience in the face of climate change, resilience among resource-constrained communities, and urban resilience in the wake of environmental disasters. We look forward to seeing you there!