Ceramic Copalera Making Workshop: with Ernesto Hernandez Olmos

Workshop | August 31 | 10 a.m.-4 p.m. |  Hearst Museum of Anthropology | Canceled

 Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn about and create their own traditional incense burner, or copalera.

A copalera, or popochcometl, is traditionally used for ceremonial cleansing by healers, Aztec dancers, and at traditional ceremonies like Day of the Dead and more. Each participant will have the opportunity to intricately craft their own copalera out of clay under personalized instructor guidance. Ernesto will begin the class with a one-hour introduction to the significance of using the copalera in different ways. By receiving knowledge about the incense burner, you will have the opportunity to not only create your own copalera but also be able to listen to the stories surrounding its fascinating history and use.

Snacks and drinks will be provided. Feel free to bring your favorite clay-tools and lunch. Please wear clothing you don't mind getting dirty! Recommended for participants 14 and up.

Ernesto Olmos has been active in the community arts in Northern California since 1998. He has developed a wide range of programs, curriculum, presentations, art exhibits and musical performance based in traditions of Native Mexico. He travels to support sacred ceremonies and cultural exchanges throughout the Americas. Ernesto combines ancient forms of art that have been passed down through oral and ceremonial traditions. He works to keep sacred arts thriving with the intention of remembering indigenous roots and living in with full honor as we walk in the path set out by our ancestors.

 No children under 14


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