Exploring Fast Chemistries "On-Water": Emulsions, Sprays, and the Air-Water Interface

Seminar | October 15 | 4-5 p.m. | 120 Latimer Hall

 Himanshu Mishra, Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering Division, King Abdullah University of Science and Engineering

 College of Chemistry

Recent reports on dramatically accelerated organic reactions at water-hydrophobe interfaces, viz. oil-water emulsions, the air-water interface, and sprays comprising water microdroplets, have sparked much interest. While the causative role of “interfaces” has been invoked in all of these scenarios, detailed mechanistic insights remain elusive. Towards understanding the real meaning of various reaction scenarios that have been labelled as “on-water”, I will describe our investigations of a variety of accelerated chemical reactions conducted: (i) at the air-water interface, (ii) in sprays, and (iii) in oil-water emulsions. Another outcome of this exercise would be the assessment of spray-based techniques for probing the air-water interface.