De-Ontologising Andean Landscapes: Some Reflections from Qaqachaka Marka

Lecture | April 23 | 3-6 p.m. | 223 Moses Hall

 Denise Y. Arnold; Juan de Dios Yapita Moya

 Archaeological Research Facility

This workshop explores fundamental differences in understanding landscapes between ourselves in the West and an ayllu community in Southern Bolivia. There the stark absence of ideas about being, presence and absence is striking, yet the “ontological turn” in Anthropology has not questioned such absences. Our point of departure is the philosophical corpus of François Jullien, which explores similar differences between ancient Greek philosophy, as the foundation for Western thinking, and that of the ancient Chinese.

DENISE Y. ARNOLD is an Anglo-Bolivian anthropologist who divides her time between La Paz and London. Her recent books include Heads of state: icons, power and politics in the Andes ancient and modern (with Christine Hastorf, Left Coast Press, 2008), and The Andean Science of Weaving (Thames and Hudson, 2014).

JUAN DE DIOS YAPITA MOYA, a Bolivian Aymara speaker and expert in Applied Linguistics, is co-author of the standard Aymara grammar: Compendio de estructura fonológica y gramatical (1988), and many teaching texts and ethnolinguistic studies of Aymara language.