Higher Education Researchers Workgroup

Meeting | March 8 | 12-1:30 p.m. | Evans Hall, 766/768 CSHE Conference Room

 Center for Studies in Higher Education

Speaker: Anne MacLachlan, CSHE

Topic: Elite US Universities, Doctoral Education and Social Mobility

Description: "This is part of a presentation I made in Germany last fall on "Elite US Universities and Why Germany Does Not Need Them." My focus is on explicating the role of elite universities in the US system and how they reinforce declining US social mobility and institutional stratification by functioning as a largely closed system through doctoral education and faculty replication. While always occupying a
dominating position in shaping scholarly norms and evaluation standards through doctoral training, with the rise of multiple worldwide ranking systems and international competition for prestige, they have acquired a luster that other national systems would like to replicate. But, I argue, the US system is unique and its elite universities and their system of doctoral training -- increasingly restricted to participants from educated backgrounds-- is a result of US historical development and cannot be replicated in other national cultures."

 All Audiences

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