Higher Education Careers for PhDs

Panel Discussion | February 7 | 3:30-5 p.m. | Sproul Hall, Room 309

 Dr. Lilia Chavez, Dean of Special Projects and Grants, Merritt College; Dr. Brooke Hessler, Director of Learning Resources, California College of the Arts; Mackenzie Smith MFA Communications Specialist, UC Berkeley College of Natural Resources

Dr. Colette Plum, Deputy Director Study Abroad, UC Berkeley

 Career Center

Learn about the paths of PhD professionals, who will discuss their careers in higher education, and share insights and advice for entering the profession.

The fields include Learning Resources, Student Life, International Education and Science Communication.
All UC Berkeley graduate students and postdocs are welcome.

 Debra Behrens, Assistant Director, Career Center, 2440 bancroft, Berkeley, CA 994720, 5106421714