Accenture Labs Info-Session

Information Session | March 5 | 6:30-8 p.m. | Soda Hall, Wozniak Lounge (430)

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

About the Speakers:

- Colin Puri is a Research Scientist and Manager at Accenture Labs and is as the lead researcher in the System & Platform group. His background is in the biometrics field building the next generation polygraph using thermal infrared imagery, creating algorithms for detection and quantification of stress, building sensors, and developing algorithms for RADARs in the National Missile Defense Program. He focuses on AI, Machine learning, imaging, data, knowledge representation, and graph analytics. As a part of the Systems and Platforms team he is currently working on ways to use data to its full potential towards operationalizing AI and garnering insight at scale.

- Tim Shea is a computational cognitive scientist in the AI unit of Accenture Labs and a Ph.D. candidate at UC Merced. His research explores the dynamics of sensorimotor interaction and language through computational models and behavioral experiments. Tim is a serial tinkerer, a proponent of rapid prototyping, and an advocate for the advancement of women in computational sciences.

- Sunil Shettigar is a R&D Principal and Manager in the Digital Experiences team at Accenture Labs. He is focused on how technology innovations are going to change the way we go about working, shopping, learning, and living in our day to day activities. Current projects are around building platforms for Retail - to understand customer shopping behavior and experience in the physical world by employing IoT devices and sensors, cloud computing and data analytics; human robot teaming systems in a smart factory setting for Accenture and its clients. He graduated from The George Washington University, D.C. with a Masters in Electrical and Telecomm Engineering.

- Yao Yang is a research data scientist and AI developer with Accenture Labs Artificial Intelligence group. Yao works on developing machine learning algorithms and metrics on a platform that harness both human and machine capabilities through data visualization and machine learning. Yao holds a M.S. in statistics and an M.A in International Political Economy from Stanford University where she attended with a full scholarship. Yao’s academic work focused on statistical method/machine learning and their applications. During her graduate studies, she has developed algorithms that can detect collective actions on social media, detect Parkinson Disease from 3D MRI images, made an English-Inuktitut neural machine translation tool to enhance communication and integration for indigenous groups in Alaska and Canada.


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Free Thai Food and Beverages will be provided!