Yvette Cendes (Toronto): Radio Observations of Nearby Intermediate-Aged Supernovae

Seminar | November 19 | 3:10-4 p.m. | 501B Campbell Hall

 Yvette Cendes, Toronto

 Radio Astronomy Lab

After the initial flash and bang of a supernova, radio emission can continue for decades as the shockwave interacts with the circumstellar material (CSM) shed by the progenitor star before the explosion. These observations can, in turn, provide key insights into both the explosion mechanism and pre-supernova evolution of the progenitor system, as well as probe the transition from supernova to supernova remnant. In this talk, I will cover recent radio observations of several nearby intermediate-aged supernovae (~10-100 years post-explosion). First, I will discuss recent results from Supernova 1987A, where radio observations show the shockwave has re-accelerated after emerging from a dense equatorial ring of material. Next, I will cover recent work for two nearby Type Ia supernovae, SN 1895B and SN 1972E, which uses several decades of VLA observations to search for CSM. I will also cover what these observations can tell us about Type Ia progenitor systems via models of CSM density and structure.