Funding Opportunities for UC Berkeley in the European Union Horizon 2020 program

Workshop | November 15 | 3:30-5 p.m. | 201 Moses Hall

 Jeroen Dewulf, Institute of Eureopean Studies; José Capilla, Technical University of Valencia; Carlos Ripoll, Technical University of Valencia

 Institute of European Studies, European Union Center

The governance model on most universities is based on a shared responsibility between academics and governing boards at an institutional level. In the case of research and innovation strategies, it could be said that the aim is on setting up facilitation processes and not so much in defining a led based policy on some specific research challenges to be addressed. This approach can be compared with the so called "research and innovation gardens", like a kind of garden where research and innovation happens from a darwinist approach: the ones with more adaptation capabilities survive and those with skills that does not fit with the ecosystem die.

Strategic partnerships are becoming a must on the international arena, addressing global challenges from different perspectives. European policy has been focusing on networks and partnerships since its inception. Universities and research institutions are collaborating usually in the form of consortia, networks or partnerships under the frame of initiatives like the 7th Framework Program or the Horizon 2020 program.

The Horizon 2020 program is the European Union framework for research and innovation, with a total budget of €80 billion in research and innovation activities. US legal entities may participate in any action, unless explicitly restricted from doing so. Moreover, US legal entities are eligible for EU funding, if this is explicitly stated in the work program.

This workshop tries to find potential areas of collaboration in the base of existing collaborations between Technical University of Valencia researchers and UC Berkeley researchers, confronting both the institutional perspective with the academic one.

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