Cancelled: Community-Owned Data Publishing: California Digital Library’s new partnership with Dryad

Seminar | November 16 | 3:10-5 p.m. | 107 South Hall

 Günter Waibel and John Chodacki

 Information, School of

Due to ongoing air quality concerns, this seminar has been cancelled. We will reschedule it for spring 2019.

The California Digital Library (CDL) has invested considerable effort researching and building exemplars in research data management and data publishing. Like most institutions, we have had varying levels of success, especially when it comes to adoption and reach. In many instances, University of California researchers have taken advantage of tools that are offered to a much broader community, and are better integrated into their workflows. CDLâs strategic vision acknowledges that in many instances, to best serve the University of California, we now need to think and act in a context that is broader than our institutional home.

To meet researchers where they are, CDL entered into a formal partnership with Dryad. This partnership will make it easier to integrate data publishing into researcher workflows, and to be focused on building a sustainable product that is a credible alternative to commercial offerings within the research data space. With both CDL and Dryadâs expertise, we will be able to offer:

Researchers: a higher level of service and integration into their established workflows; Publishers: direct integrations and more comprehensive curation services; and Institutions: a globally-accessible, community-led, low-cost infrastructure and service that focuses on breaking down silos between publishing, libraries and research. More about the Dryad partnership