ERG Colloquium: Rob Jackson: Natural and Anthropogenic Emissions of Carbon Dioxide and Methane

Colloquium | October 31 | 4-5:30 p.m. | 126 Barrows Hall

 Rob Jackson, Michelle and Kevin Douglas Provostial Professor, Department of Earth System Science, Stanford University

 Energy and Resources Group

Professor Jackson will discuss sources of methane and carbon dioxide and opportunities to reduce them. The methane work will describe a new global fluxnet synthesis for methane from wetlands and other habitats and measurements of natural gas released from oil and gas infrastructure. The CO2 component will include global trends in emissions and energy use along with vulnerabilities and opportunities for carbon storage in managed and unmanaged ecosystems.

Rob Jackson and his lab examine the many ways people affect the Earth. They seek basic scientific knowledge and use it to help shape policies and reduce the environmental footprint of global warming, energy extraction, and many other issues. They’re currently examining the effects of climate change and droughts on forest mortality and grassland ecosystems. They are also working to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the Global Carbon Project (, which Jackson chairs; examples of new research Rob is leading include establishing a global network of methane tower measurements at more than 50 sites worldwide and measuring and reducing methane emissions from oil and gas wells, city streets, and homes and buildings., 510-642-1640