After Effects: Professor Lucia Allais

Conference/Symposium | November 10 | 4-6 p.m. |  Wurster Hall

 Professor Lucia Allais, Princeton School of Architecture

 Department of Architecture

Professor Lucia Allais will deliver the closing lecture for a graduate student conference entitled: After Effects: Architectural Histories of the Present, November 9th-11th 2018.

Scholars have, in recent years, argued that technical networks and infrastructure operate beyond human intention. Their insights into the failed projects of modernity offer new ways of understanding built environments as mediated at the unruly intersection of culture, technique, politics and non-human agency. Their methods can also be applied beyond the realm of science and technology studies, to understand design, as both a cultural and political-economic project, as discontinuous and subject to unanticipated effects. This conference will focus on the after effects of under examined or minor landscapes, projects and historical developments that are informed by the politics of the present.

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