Differential Geometry Seminar: Ricci flow under local almost non-negative curvature conditions

Seminar | October 8 | 3:10-4 p.m. | 939 Evans Hall

 Yi Lai, UC-Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

We find a local solution to the Ricci flow equation under a negative lower bound for many known curvature conditions. The flow exists for a uniform amount of time, during which the curvature stays bounded below by a controllable negative number. The curvature conditions we consider include 2-non-negative and weakly $\mbox {PIC}_1$ cases, of which the results are new. We complete the discussion of the almost preservation problem by Bamler-Cabezas-Rivas-Wilking, and the 2-non-negative case generalizes a result in 3D by Simon-Topping to higher dimensions. As an application, we use the local Ricci flow to smooth a metric space which is the limit of a sequence of manifolds with the almost non-negative curvature conditions, and show that this limit space is bi-Hölder homeomorphic to a smooth manifold.